12 Dogs Dressed Up As Reindeer Who Have Way More Holiday Swag Than You

It's true that Santa is the main man for Christmas — bringing presents and spreading Christmas cheer throughout — but what would he do without his reindeer? The answer is that he'd be stuck AF in the North Pole. The reindeers are the heroes of this merry holiday. And just as Santa would be nothing without his reindeer friends, you'd probably feel like your soul is incomplete without your furry best friend (aka your dog) by your side. Some owners get very into the holiday spirit and decide to break out Christmas costumes for everyone in the fam to wear, which leads to many wonderful pictures of dogs dressed up as reindeer.

Just looking at these pooches will help anyone who is having a blue Christmas cheer up in no time. Just look at their faces! We literally can't even handle the cuteness overload. Sure, some of them look like they would much rather not have those silly antlers on their heads, but they know a treat is on the way. And what a treat it is to see these dogs in reindeer costumes, amiright?

If you didn't believe in the magic of the season before seeing these festive pups, I bet you will now. These 12 fur babies in their reindeer best are totally sleighing it. It's all fun and reindeer games until a dog gets some antlers on their head, and now all of our hearts are melting like snowflakes. OK Rudolph, we have some new reindeer to save Christmas this year right along with you.

The Tiniest Reindeer To Lead The Sleigh
Spoilt Chi's on Twitter

It's like this little chihuahua is letting us know who the real boss is. He will be leading the way this year, right next to Santa. And although he may not have a shiny red nose, he has some necessary attitude and is on a mission to safely deliver presents to all the boys and girls.

Cheer Up Doggy, It's Almost Christmas
MariaMandrake on Twitter

Mr. Corgi, you look great in your reindeer antlers, so why are you so sad? I know. The anticipation of the holiday season and opening presents is killing me, too. But, you gotta perk up, because Santa is watching.

Silly Doggy, Reindeer Don't Sit In The Sleigh
Nicola Cooper on Twitter

If you want to be a top reindeer this year, you have to be in front of the sleigh, pup. I know you're secretly the one who's calling the shots, but you have to make it look like Santa's in charge. You can sit in the sleigh all you want come Dec. 26.

Santa And His Adorable Reindeer BFF For The Actual Win
MariaMandrake on Twitter

This Santa corgi and reindeer pug are killing us with cuteness. They're both so festive and crushing the holiday spirit. Although, I think the pug is a little offended he's the reindeer and not Santa. Cheer up pug, you can be Santa next year.

The Most Stylish Reindeer Of All
Paper E. Clips on Twitter

This is a new take on the classic reindeer look, and we are seriously here for it. Even the stylish sunglasses coordinate with the reindeer theme. Way to go, pooch. Your holiday style will surely make all of the other reindeer in the squad super jealous.

Cue The Corgi Reindeer
MariaMandrake on Twitter

If I was Santa, I would let my reindeer take a break this year and instead let the sleigh be led by a team of adorable corgis. Look how excited they are to be spreading so much Christmas cheer throughout town. This truly is the present I didn't know I needed until now.

Rudolph The Pug-Nosed Reindeer
Antonio Granitto on Twitter

Even Jack Frost's little heart is melting. Just look at this tiny little pug dreaming to be Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer. Don't worry little pug, you can join in on all the reindeer games, have all the treats, and all the cuddles you want.

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Reindeer
My Pet Defense on Twitter

I'm sure this tiny French bulldog is daydreaming about being one of Santa's helpers one day. When he gets older, he will be leading the way. Keep dreaming, while we all keep awe-ing at how adorable you are, pup.

"OMG, You're A Reindeer, Too"
Mel on Twitter

These two doggies cannot believe that they have both been transformed into reindeer. They didn't choose the reindeer life, the reindeer life chose them. I hope after the shock subsides, they realize they are two of the cutest reindeer we have ever seen.

Reindeer Come In All Sizes
Joy Lim Nakrin on Twitter

Reindeer can be big or small. This just proves that any dog can be a reindeer if they just put their mind to it. Or, in this case, their owner found reindeer ears for two different dog sizes. And for that, we are incredibly grateful.

A New Way To See A Reindeer Fly
EverybodyLovesSammy on Twitter

Sammy the Pomeranian, don't you know that reindeer can fly on their own? You don't need an airplane to do it. I guess it's less work for you, so you know what, nevermind. You fly that plane and look cute AF while you do it, little reindeer pom.

Christmas Cheer? You Bet
jenna on Twitter

Oh boy, this dog is totally happy to put on the reindeer ears and sleigh this season. What a jolly doggy letting us know that Santa Paws is coming to town. Happy Howl-idays, you happy reindeer dog.