12 Minimalist Tattoos To Get With Your Cousin So You’re Always Connected

Family is so important. I don't know about you, but my mom is my hero and my sister is my person — but they're not the only ones who I hold near and dear. I also love my cousins, and consider them to be some of my best friends. Cousins are special, because they're basically like siblings without all of the actual sibling drama. I love my cousins so much, despite the distance. When we reunite at a family gathering or holiday, we start chilling like no time has passed at all. It's safe to say that cousins are the ultimate BFFs, and that's why you would consider getting cousin best friend tattoos.

Tattoos can be the ultimate expression of who you are. It's displaying art for the whole world to see that is a unique representation of something special that speaks to your soul. When you have tattoos, you're probably constantly answering the question, "What is that one for?" If you get a bestie tat with your cousin, you really don't mind being asked constantly, because you're able to gush about how amazing your cousin is.

If you and your partner in crime are down for a tattoo, consider getting any of these 12 minimalistic designs. They may be small or simple, but the meaning behind them is so grand. No matter the distance, you will forever be linked — and that's really what family is all about.

Like Vines, You Intertwine
missa9210 on Twitter

These floral vines really represent that you and your cousin are intertwined. The branches also represent that your love will continue to grow and flourish, just like the nature around you. I'm obsessed with the blue flowers added for a simple pop of color, because I love everything vibrant and floral.

For All Of Those Pinky Promises You've Kept
capturekayla on Twitter

When you were growing up, you probably made a million pinky swears with your cousin to keep secrets from your parents. You'll take those secrets shared with your bestie to the grave, and that's why this tat is so special. The "no matter what" and "no matter where" also show that despite the long-distance, you're still forever connected.

She Is The Sun To Your Moon
menajew on Twitter

Pretty much any celestial body is a great choice for your first tat, and these simple designs are so beautiful. It also shows that you both are different, yet the same. You may not share parents, but you share the blood between you.

You Are Just "Two Paper Airplanes Flying"
maebae5369 on Twitter

Just like in Taylor Swift's "Out Of The Woods," you and your cousin are like "two paper airplanes flying." When that song came out, I swear I saw a bunch of paper airplanes pop up everywhere as BFF necklaces. The next step after necklaces is, of course, BFF tats, so naturally this tattoo is where you two are heading.

Infinity Arrows
haley_nicoleee7 on Twitter

A single arrow tattoo usually symbolizes strength and protection from harm. You know that your cousin will always keep you safe, and she'll totally have your back, no matter what life throws at you. The infinity symbol within the arrow shows that her protection truly goes to infinity and beyond.

These Burrito And Taco Tats Are Too Cute For Words
poissonpannda on Twitter

I can't get over how precious these burrito and taco tats are with their jolly hands and smiling faces. They are definitely too cute to eat, but not too cute to ink. I wouldn't eat these two, but I am starting to get hungry, and think I should head to Chipotle ASAP.

This Simplistic Ariel Tattoo, When You're Mer-Made To Be Friends
squishy2213 on Twitter

This tat has two things I love — the simplicity and the color. There's not a lot going on, but from the few colored lines, you're able to spot this favorite little mermaid swimming around. This is a great choice to show you are so happy to be a part of your cousin's world.

Ohana Means Family
18steiby on Twitter

If you've ever seen Lilo & Stitch, you know that Ohana means family and family means "nobody gets left behind or forgotten." You could never forget your BFF, and now you definitely won't be able to with this Ohana ink. Placing it on your back is a great choice, but if you want a daily reminder of your Ohana, consider having it tatted on the back of your wrist.

Rock That Girl Power
_hpowell on Twitter

Make the Spice Girls proud with this "girl power" tattoo. This is a perfect mantra for you and your cousin to live by and share. You could get it with flowers like these besties did, or just a simplistic text tat also goes a long way.

Diamonds Are Forever, Just Like You Two
retrosexualxoxo on Twitter

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend," but you know your best friend is actually your cousin. I love that this diamond is in the shape of a heart, because it really embodies the love you have for your cousin. I will say that a diamond heart makes me think of the Heart of the Ocean from Titanic, and that gives me all the feels.

'Harry Potter' Charms Are Totally Magical
shelby_cormier_ on Twitter

If you love Harry Potter, you probably gasped at the sight of these two charming tattoos. You've probably seen a lot of Deathly Hallows matching BFF tattoos, but you rarely see matching spells tats between friends. Instead of being completely the same, these spells are opposites of each other. Lumos produces light, and Nox puts it out. It's kind of like the sun and moon tattoos, because you are connected but also so unique in your own way.

You Heart Your Cousin Tulip Much
moonchild1115 on Twitter

I'm a sucker for a good floral tattoo, so you know I'm loving this heart design a bunch. Hearts are always a good choice for a BFF tat, because they represent the love that you have for each other. This is just a fun way to spice up that traditional heart with something more colorful.

When Your Friendship Flowers Like A Rose
idalia_tovar on Twitter

This tattoo really rose to the occasion. Not only are roses a symbol of love, but also of beauty and protection with their thorns. You love your cousin and will do anything to protect her, but you're also both such beautiful creatures who love each other immensely.