12 Fun Travel Gifts That'll Sleigh On The 'Gram & Beyond

by Kaitlin Cubria and Alexa Mellardo

’Tis the season for a luggage update. But when you’re an avid traveler who’s busy hopping on trains and catching flights, holiday shopping is likely the very last thing on your mind — regardless of whether you're looking to shop for yourself or for everyone else on your list. It doesn't have to be a dreaded or stressful process, though. To make it easy, Elite Daily conspired to help you sleigh the season with a chic roundup of travel products that make awesome gifts no matter who you're shopping for.

These top picks won’t disappoint the savvy traveler who loves snapping photos of their accessories for the 'Gram or the functional traveler who likes to keep things organized without putting their personal style on the line. From smaller stocking stuffers to gifts you can deck out with shiny wrapping paper and bows, this gift guide for travelers features a variety of options at several price points. Best of all: You won't feel like you're going overboard on your spending.

Treat yourself to a sweet addition to your luggage collection, or give your loved one who has a passion for wanderlust a gift they’ll really appreciate — all you have to do is click add to cart for the most seamless shopping experience yet.

This passport holder is the definition of chic. It'll give your pre-flight photo a major upgrade on the 'Gram before you say "bon voyage" to your pals at home and jet-set into the clouds.

Rummaging through your carry-on to find what you need can be a real pain — but no need to worry about that now. You can actually sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight with this trendy seatback organizer. It'll ensure your lip gloss, hand sanitizer, headphones, cellphone, and more are accessible at all times.

*Sleigh* your organizing skills with Away's packing cubes. They're not only pretty in pink but also essential to keeping your carry-on neat. Once you touch down in your destination, unpacking will be such a seamless process.

The pebbled leather style makes this travel wallet look extra sleek, and that’s only talking about the outside. Inside, it boasts two slots for your cash and passport, in addition to six more slots for your credit card and those 10 extra copies of your ID your parents insisted you print off.

Functional luggage is key when you’re traveling the globe. This 22" carry-on by SwissTech has it all, including oversized 360-degree spinners for smooth airport navigation. We can't guarantee you'll never be late for your flight again, but we can promise it'll be much easier to sprint through security with wheels that work.

This vanity case wins when it comes to keeping your beauty products organized while looking as trendy as ever. The removable/adjustable shoulder strap is an added bonus if you want to bring the whole case to the bathroom to freshen up before, during, or after your flight.

Dry in-flight air has nothing on your lips as long as you're equipped with this moisture-lock lip balm by Fenty Beauty. With a hint of pink sheen, your lips will feel so soft and you'll be ready to pucker up for that airplane selfie.

According to the chic packaging — which speaks for itself — these gold eye masks not only look luxe, but they're "like an energy drink for your eyes." Combat any puffiness or dark under-eye circles during your flight with these rejuvenating masks. You'll be glowing by the time you hit customs.

Your beauty routine just got an update, thanks to this TSA-approved travel trio. Complete with day cream, face cleanser, and a leave-on recovery mask, this is the perfect treat for the traveler who's always on the move.

The Mobot changes the game when it comes to reusable water bottles. In addition to keeping you hydrated, it doubles as a foam roller so you can easily massage your muscles after air, train, or car travel.

Finding the right neck pillow can be quite a task, but Nest Bedding's Easy Breather Travel Pillow is the answer to your prayers. The removable zipper lets you modify how firm you’d like the pillow to be, and the safety clip ensures the pillow is comfortably situated around your neck for the coziest nap.

Night's signature black mulberry silk will make you feel like you’re relaxing at a luxury spa and not on a red-eye to Europe. The cooling gel insert reduces puffiness, so get ready to feel completely refreshed when you touch down in your destination.

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