Dad Style Is Still Cool, So Here Are 12 Chunky White Sneakers Under $100

ASOS / Topshop

Thanks to a trend I'm going to call dad chic (doesn't that feel like the most absurd paradox ever?), chunky white sneakers have been the footwear choice du jour for awhile now, gracing the feet of editors, influencers, and the raddest dressers around alike. Like it or not, so-uncool-it's-cool is in, so why not try the trend out for yourself by snagging a new pair of heavily treaded kicks? You can pair them with literally anything, from summery floral dresses to menswear-inspired trousers to mini skirts and more, and they're comfy AF to boot. It's one of those trends that you shouldn't knock before you try, and to help you ease into it I selected 12 pairs of chunky sneaks for you to peruse and choose from.

Sourced from stores like Urban Outfitters, Missguided, Zara, Topshop, and more (AKA some of the trendiest retailers around), the shoes are the perfect balance of affordable and cool. All of them come in at under $100 per pair, so it's not a trend that's going to destroy your next paycheck. Some style are inspired by hiking boots and feature more outdoorsy silhouettes, while others are decidedly sporty. Pick your faves, throw them on with your go-to summer outfit, and watch it get instantly elevated.

Cherry On Top

Skechers has been releasing some pretty dope collections as of late, and their take on the chunky white sneaker is right in line with their new offerings. A red tab on the tongue gives them a pop of red, while the silhouette of the shoe stays true to the brand's classic aesthetic.

Highlighted Portions

The panels of light gray, neon yellow, and silver on these white sneakers make it feel all kinds of modern and cool, and they serve as a nice contrast to the shoes' dated silhouette. Sitting on top of a blocky sole, it takes chunky to a whole new level.

Plain Jane

Chunky, but not overly sole. These would be great starter dad sneakers.

Triangle Theory

When viewed from the side, these sneakers almost look like a door stopper. Their triangular shape give them a sleek and sporty feel.

Sup, Gramps?

Thanks to their orthopedic appearance, these sneakers are more like grandpa sneakers than dad sneakers.

Razor Sharp

The jagged treads of these FILA trainers make them feel edgy. Literally.

Take A Hike

These are more like a sneaker-hiking boot hybrid, and they're cool as heck. Their treads are uber chunky and will add a good inch or two to your height, while the silver lace hardware give them a polished effect.

Get Comfy

Thanks to their mesh paneling, these trainers look beyond comfortable and like shoes I definitely want to spend my summer walking around in.

High Gloss

Satin dad sneakers? Why the heck not! These shoes boast a subtle yet luxurious gloss to them that make them feel instantly dressed up.

Get Outside

More hiking boot-inspired sneakers, because it's never been cooler to explore the great outdoors.

Sporty Spice

Like your favorite gym sneakers, just with a triple stacked sole.