12 Christmas Treats At Disney Every Foodie Needs To Instagram This Season

When most people think of the Disney parks, the first things that may come to mind are the fun rides and the beautiful castle. Of course, those are quintessential to the Disney experience, but the real gems are all of the sweet treats you can eat. A good churro and Rice Krispy Treat never disappoint, and you can find your favorite Disney snacks all year round. But during the holidays is when your favorite foods get a festive makeover. There are a ton of Christmas foods at Disney that every foodie needs to try.

If you're planning a holiday trip to one of the parks, you should start making a list now of every treat you want to try. I know my list is far too long, and my stomach is excited to check all of them off. Patience is key, because you can't forget to take a picture of your food for Instagram right before you eat it. Your friends and family will be totally jealous of all of the goodies you get to eat. Here's an Insta tip for you to capture that awesome picture: There are so many amazing holiday decorations throughout the park, and they make a perfect backdrop for your festive treat. When you're packing for your Disney trip this season, don't forget to add these 12 Disney snacks to your itinerary.

Peppermint Churro
miiiiich on Twitter

It just wouldn't be a Disney trip without tasting these iconic sweets, amiright? It's pretty clear Disney is sleighing the holiday game with its peppermint churros, and we're seriously here for them. You'll find a cart for them near Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyland, which is a perfect place to snag a pretty pic before you chow down.

Sandy Claws Orange-Vanilla Cake Push-Pop
4disneyaddicts on Twitter

This Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired dessert is both yummy and super cute. The orange-vanilla cake is combined with cranberry-cherry mousse, cream cheese buttercream, crispy pearls, sprinkles, and a white chocolate Jack Skellington on top. A push-pop cake sounds like something you can only get at "The Most Magical Place On Earth."

Red Velvet Mickey Waffles
waffleshaketwt on Twitter

A Mickey waffle is honestly like the perfect boyfriend. Mickey always seems like he's in a great mood, he's loyal AF, and not to mention, this red velvet version of our main guy is super delicious!

Everyone needs to try these Mickey-shaped waffles that have become such a staple in the parks. You can enjoy this red velvet-flavored Mickey waffle Just in time for the holidays. Yes, please.

Santa Mickey Rice Krispy Treat
whatiateatdisneyland on Instagram

You can never go wrong with a Rice Krispy Treat from the bakery on Main Street. There are always fun designs, and for Christmas, you'll find Santa Mickey and even Gingerbread Mickey Rice Krispy Treats.

If you don't have a Mickey-shaped treat for your Instagram, did you really even go on a Disney vacation?

Turkey Slider With Cranberry Sauce
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Just in time for the holidays, California Adventure is having its Festival of Holidays, which features a ton of food carts that offer festive treats. One of those delights is this turkey slider with cranberry sauce. It's like a Thanksgiving meal, all in one tasty sandwich.

Candy Cane Beignets
mousymagic on Twitter

If you're going to Disneyland, you can't forget to grab some beignets from New Orleans Square. For the holidays, the park is offering a candy cane beignet that is both delicious and beautiful to look at. They're warm and fluffy, like you're eating a Christmas cloud.

Enchanted Christmas Belle Dessert
onthegoinmco on Twitter

This white chocolate peppermint mousse is topped with a very festive white chocolate Belle. This is a must for any Beauty and the Beast fan. You can find this at Gaston's Tavern, which is decorated with antlers galore right near the Beast's castle.

Yule Log Cronut
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I mean, you had me at cronut, but yule log cronut? I'm all in!

Not only is this treat beautiful and will make your Instagram followers super envious, but it sounds downright delicious. The giant, flaky cronut covered in chocolate is filled with a sweet pecan praline cream.

Gingerbread Man
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A gingerbread cookie is a must for anyone to have on their foodie bucket list this season. That's why this little gingerbread man will not disappoint. He's even wearing some chocolate Mickey ears to match anyone who's wearing their own set in the park. #Twinning.

Horchata Fudge
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This is another fun find at Disney's Festival of Holidays. This snack is called horchata fudge, which tastes exactly like you would expect — a cinnamon, vanilla-flavored fudge that is so sweet it deserves a top spot on the nice list.

Mickey's Very Merry Yule Logs
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Just for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party, you can find these two yule log cakes. The first of the yule logs consists of raspberry mousse, white chocolate mousse, and chocolate flourless cake. The second is a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, which is perfect for any chocolate lover. I want to try them both!

Hot Chocolate Float
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That's right — 'tis the season for this hot chocolate float of our dreams. This warm, tasty beverage can also be found in the Festival of Holidays at California Adventure. It'll keep you nice and toasty, and it's topped with brownie bits.