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12 Best Halloween Costumes From Amazon That Hit Every Mood You Could Think Of

Have you ever found yourself costume-less in the days leading up to Halloween? Well, trust me, you're not alone. Whether you received a last-minute invitation to a party or you're just incredibly good at procrastinating before a big holiday like this, odds are, you're probably scrounging around the internet for a quick and easy costume. Instead of poring over the barren aisle of your local party store, you can find some of the best Halloween costumes from Amazon. The best part? Most of these costumes are actually available via Amazon Prime as well, so you can get your Halloween picks to your doorstep in a matter of a couple days.

To make scouring through the millions of costumes on Amazon easier, I've rounded up the very best ones for any Halloween mood you can think of, whether that's scary, sexy, silly, or anything in between. Remember, we're only a little over a week out from Halloween, so if there's a costume you have your eye on, order quickly before it's too late.

For The Mermaid Lover

Leg Avenue Mermaid Costume



If you're a firm believer that under the sea, (darling) it's better, then this majestic mermaid costume — which very closely resembles Ariel from the "The Little Mermaid" — might be a good choice for you.

For The Anti-Halloween Person

This is My Halloween Costume T-shirt



If you're the person whose friends literally drag them out of the house on Oct. 31 to engage in Halloween festivities, then a simple t-shirt like this one is made for you. No costume, animal ears, or anything else required.

For The Makeup Guru

Face Jewels Tattoo


If you spend hours behind the computer screen watching beauty tutorials, and you have enough makeup for a small army, then your best Halloween costume route is to simply go with a look that only requires makeup as a costume. These face jewels from Amazon can play up any majestic Halloween makeup look you end up creating.

For The Mane Master

Cool Blue Mixed Magenta 28 Inches Long Curly Lolita Cosplay Full Wig



If you're the kind of person who lets your hair do the talking, then a luscious, long wig like this can enhance any costume, whether it be an ice queen, go-go dancer, or simply a person with voluminous blue, purple, and pink hair — something Cardi B is known to rock like no other.

For The Extra AF Halloween Lover

Inflatable Dinosaur Trex Costume



For the person who doesn't mind (read: loves) to be the center of attention, this 7-foot dinosaur costume will certainly attract all the right kinds of attention. Just be sure not to knock over any jack-o-lanterns.

For The Girls In The Group Chat

Hot Sauce Group T-Shirt + Taco Costume ($20 for each T-shirt, taco costume sold separately)


If you and your friends are guilty of going on countless late-night Taco Bell runs, you might want to consider dressing up in a group as the different Taco Bell hot sauces and an actual taco.

For The Disney Lover

Women's Aladdin Jasmine Prestige Costume



When I was little, Aladdin was (admittedly) my first crush, so I would, of course, rock my Jasmine Halloween costume all year 'round with absolutely no shame. When I came across this Jasmine costume, I couldn't help but include it on this list. Extra points to the person who dresses up as Jasmine and flies down their stairs on an Aladdin bath towel singing "A Whole New World." (Just be careful, please!)

For The Sexy Costume Enthusiast

Coquette Women's Blind Mouse



There is absolutely no shame in going the sexier route on Halloween. So if your idea of a killer Halloween costume is to pull out your little black dress and heels with mouse ears (duh), then this mouse costume from Amazon should be an easy choice.

For The Spooky Spirit

Forum Novelties Women's Deluxe Victorian Ghost Bride Costume


While The Plastics from "Mean Girls" were definitely played on the sexy end of the Halloween spectrum, on the other end exists Cady Heron's "ex-wife" costume, aka a bloody zombie bride. If you're down to go all out to get spooky, take a page out of Cady's book with a scary bride costume like this.

For The Party Animal

Adult Pinata Outfit Jumpsuit Onesie



What screams "I'm the life of the party" more than dressing up as a literal piñata? Even more, this piñata costume doubles as a onesie so you can be a comfortable party animal. Just do your best to avoid being hit with a stick.

For The Cozy Person

Unicorn Onesie Costume



Considering Halloween happens during prime #cozyszn, it's no surprise that some people's ideal versions of a Halloween costume would be in an adorable onesie, like this unicorn one. It's basically a set of pajamas, meaning you can party hard and then sleep even harder.

For The Inseparable Couple

Adult Oreo Cookie Couples Costume



For the couple who wants to avoid the traditional (and kind of cheesy) couple costumes (i.e. every popular celebrity couple), why not think outside the box a bit. To prove you're stuck together, why not be each half of an Oreo?