12 Arts & Crafts Activities You Can Do At Home For A Social Media Break

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Kelsey Cadenas/Elite Daily
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You can get your creative juices flowing with a simple click of a button, thanks to all of the arts and crafts you can order online nowadays. Whether you want to paint, sew, or assemble something, this roundup has something for just about everyone. You can make a new piece of artwork for your bedroom, or put together a cool terrarium for your patio. If you need help narrowing things down, choose from any of the 12 DIY craft kits on this list.

If you're hesitant to shop online amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Elite Daily spoke with Elizabeth McGraw, professor and director of the Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics at Pennsylvania State University about potential risks about receiving packages during this time. "We have no evidence of people getting infected from packages, however, given what we know about how long the virus can live on surfaces it is best to take some precautions," she says. "I would not stop online shopping, although I would certainly only order much needed products to reduce the impact on the system. I would also take some precautions. When a package arrives, use gloves to handle it and also let is sit for three days before opening."

So, if you've found yourself attached to your phone or just want a fun activity to do, these art projects can be a refreshing break. Turn off your notifications, and instead turn on a chill playlist of all your favorite songs. Then, get your paint brushes or sewing needles ready to make something truly beautiful.

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Decorative Roses Kit

This decorative roses painting kit is perfect for adding some color to your space. Each kit comes with a full paint set, three paint brushes in various sizes, and the canvas. There's also an option to order with or without the frame.

DIY Boho Mobile

If you have a boho chic vibe going on in your space, you might want to order this DIY mobile sea glass sun-catcher. This DIY kit from Etsy comes with 30 pieces of different colored sea glass, fishing wire, hemp, and a piece of breach driftwood. The colorful sea glass in each kit comes from Prince Edward Island, Canada.

DIY Terrarium Kit

This DIY terrarium kit from Etsy is suc-cute. If you've already got a succulent, but are in need of a nice home to put it in, you can order just the kit. However, there's an option to order two plants along with the glass container, moss, soil, charcoal, drainage rock, and decorative treasures included in each kit.

Coloring Book

Coloring is always a fun, nostalgic activity. This Secret Garden coloring book from Amazon is also a treasure hunt game so you can really unwind and pass the time.

Jewelry Making Kit

Order everything you need to start making your own bling with this jewelry making kit. It truly has it all, from the tools to the beads.

Mason Jar Sconces

These mason jar sconces from Etsy are the epitome of Instagram-worthy. You'll want to snap a pic ASAP after putting these up on your wall. They may look intimidating to a DIY newbie, but the kit is pretty simple and includes all the essentials like the mason jars, stained wood, paint, a paint brush, hooks, and of course, step-by-step instructions.

DIY Organic Soap Kit

Make your own soap at home with this kit from Etsy. Each soap is organic, and once you become a soap pro, you can start mixing in different essential oils to obtain your favorite scent.

Felt Garland

This felt garland is super cute. Each kit comes with the instructions and supplies to create eight little woodland creatures, but you can also opt for the 16-count version to make a bigger garland.

Mosaic Coasters

You'll probably never have to ask guests to use a coaster again, because with coasters this gorgeous, everyone will want to use them. This mosaic coaster kit comes with all the materials you need to create these beauties.

DIY Embroidery Kit

If you're into embroidery, this black wildwood embroidery kit is absolutely stunning. It comes with all the necessary materials, and even a handy dandy stitch guide.

Embroidered Flower Purse

Take your embroidery game to another level with these adorable coin purses. Choose between a variety of colors like pink, black, yellow, and green, and you'll be sent a kit that includes the instructions, needle, thread, and purse frame.

Geometric Candles

If you find yourself stopping to smell every candle when you're in the store, now's your chance to learn how to make your own. This geometric candle kit will give you everything you need to become a candle-making pro.

Neon Art

If you want to add art to your bedroom that really pops, this light-up art kit might be it. You get to create your very own neon sign. Choose between five different templates that include a cactus and fox, or go out on your own and make your own design.

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