11 Yoga Essentials For Beginners Who Want To Commit To Their Flow In The New Year
by Georgina Berbari

The new year presents the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a clean slate by learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby. And with yoga quickly growing in popularity for its wealth of physical and mental health benefits, making time to hop on your mat come Jan. 1 will be just the TLC you and your body need for a fabulous 2018. If you're wondering what to invest in (besides a trusty mat) to absolutely slay all of your bendy sweat sessions, look no further than a carefully crafted list of yoga essentials for beginners.

To be honest, for an amazing yoga flow, all you really need is the power of your beautiful self and your incredibly strong body. However, there are plenty of props and accessories that take a casual yoga practice to the next level, by helping you avoid things like annoying nip slips in ill-fitting tank tops and slippery palms in downward facing dog.

If you know you're going to be glued to the mat in 2018, browse through these 11 awesome products that were basically made for any yogi who's looking to seriously commit to her practice. A new year means a new opportunity to treat yo'self, girl. Namaste, my friends!

A Tank Top That Keeps It All In Place
Yoga Outlet

Manduka Cross Strap Yoga Cami, $43.50, Yoga Outlet

This strappy olive tank isn't just cute AF; it's also highly functional and will make the fear of nip slips a thing of the past.

Seriously, there's nothing worse than when you're chillin' in downward facing dog, and the girls decide they want to make an appearance. This is not your time to shine, ladies. This cami is sure to be a prime staple in so many of your soothing new year flows.

A Super Handy And Cute Yoga Block
Yoga Outlet

Gaiam Foam Yoga Block, $8.86, Yoga Outlet

Regardless of whether you're just starting out with your yoga practice or you're an advanced yogi, blocks are incredibly helpful for anyone at any level.

These bad boys can be used for restorative postures, or for making the floor a bit closer and more accessible in tricky balancing asanas. All hail the super practical block.

A Mat Towel For Skid-Free Flows
Yoga Outlet

YogiToes Tesselate Skidless Yoga Mat Towel, $39.99, Yoga Outlet

If you're thinking about getting into hot yoga, this baby is an absolute necessity. And hey, sometimes an intense vinyasa flow in a room-temperature studio can get sweaty as hell, too.

This mat-towel combo will be sure to cure a case of slippery, sweaty palms no matter what environment you're in.

Leg Warmers For Toasty And Comfy Downward Dogs

Toesox Leg Warmers - Thigh High, $35, Carbon38

I'm not proud to admit this, but I think these leg warmers are so cute that I've actually attempted to wear them even in the humid summer months.

Don't be extra like me — seriously, just don't. They're great for winter though, I promise.

A Mat Bag For Stylish Transportation
Open Sky

Multi color Artisan-Crafted Mandala Yoga Bag with Pocket, $18.19, OpenSky

Lugging your mat around in your arms can get super annoying, especially when it unrolls without your permission.

This gorgeous, mandala-inspired mat bag will turn heads and help you transport your mat anywhere and everywhere in style.

A Good Vibes Tote For Busy Yogis On The Move

Spiritual Gangster Good Vibes Only Gym Bag, $51, Bloomingdales

If you're committing to your yoga practice in 2018, there are definitely going to be days where you want to hit up your favorite class directly after work.

Spiritual Gangster has you covered with this spacious, yet compact duffle bag that tells the world how you really feel about all those good vibrations.

Essential Oils For A Blissed Out Savasana

dōTERRA Yoga Collection, $62.40, dōTerra

While essential oils definitely aren't necessary for a kickass yoga flow, they do make your practice incredibly rejuvenating and blissfully luxurious.

The dōTerra yoga collection is made to heighten your senses in every way, from meditation to headstands, and everything in between.

A Yoga Wheel For Heavenly Muscle Relief
Sierra Trading Post

Gaiam Yoga Wheel, $24.99, Sierra Trading Post

It might just look like a boring cylinder at first glance, but this yoga wheel is a truly awesome accessory to have.

A yoga wheel can help promote flexibility, relieve any back pain you might have, and honestly, it's sure to become your most prized possession in the new year.

Harem Pants For Happiness Down There
Bohemian Island

Black Peacock Harem Pants, $27.50, Bohemian Island

Since wearing skin-tight yoga pants on the reg is apparently not that great for your health, having a pair of loose, flow-y harem pants on hand is the move, my peaceful friends.

Let your lady parts breathe, and prevent pesky problems like yeast infections and butt acne with these comfy pants. Nobody's got time for that sh*t, amirite?

A Yoga Strap For A Deeper Stretch

Hugger Mugger Cotton Yoga Strap, $11.95, Backcountry

You know when you're trying to go deeper into that hamstring stretch, and you feel like you're going to pop a blood vessel from how hard you're trying to achieve the posture?

First of all, you should probably chill out a little bit. Secondly, this yoga strap will be your new BFF because of the safe and secure support it provides you with in those deeper asanas.

An Adorable Bolster For All The Support

Blue Dove Yoga Bolster, $32, Amazon

Bolsters honestly feel like heaven on earth for your lower body during meditation and yin yoga poses.

And if we're being real, you'll probably use this bad boy as a casual cushion around your house, as well. 2018 is lookin' up, my friends.