11 Extremely Legit Reasons To Dump The Person You've Been Casually Dating

by Candice Jalili

People talk a lot about what it's like to break up with a significant other. But how do you know when it's time to call it quits with an insignifcant other? Sometimes figuring out the latter can be even trickier. I mean, is this person actually the worst or do you just not know them well enough yet? What are valid reasons to dump the person you're casually dating?

Well, luckily for anyone going through this conundrum currently, I've got great news! In a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, ladies shared their reasons for dumping people they're casually dating. Read along and get ready to feel decisive!

He was racist.
One guy told me I was the wrong race for him to be dating. He brought this up while on a date. I was confused.


He said his mom wouldn't like her.
we were almost to the point of being serious then he mentioned me meeting his mom then started constantly talking about how his mom would not like me and what i would need to change to get her approval.. i was like gtg


He didn't listen to her.
Didn’t listen when I said I didn’t want to do an activity (not anything sexual) and then told me he wouldn’t stop/let me out of the car until I agreed.


He wasn't smart enough for her.
He was... stupid. There’s really no other way to say it. He left school after grade 9 or 10, which won’t allow you to go to uni right away, but there are plenty of jobs to choose from anyway. Plenty of people do that, so I let that slide.We were on a date and I was annoyed by everything he said. Not necessarily because of what he said, but do you know those rare people where you just hear the stupidity in their choice of words, tone etc.? He was one.Another one said he wanted kids, that I’m crazy for not wanting them etc. I wish I could say I lost any attraction to him right then and threre... Obviously stopped seeing him but daaamn he was a hottie and I couldn’t forget him for months.


He refused to wear condoms.
He refused to wear condoms.


He was rude to their server at dinner.
He was incredibly rude to the server at dinner. That was the moment I knew I was over his dumbass.


He was crying over his ex.
The guy, who apparently wasn't that over his alcoholic and violent ex, was something crying at night thinking of her.. while I was by his side.But the last drop was him meeting my mother and telling me afterward that if she was younger, she would definitely be his type.Nope the f*ck out of it right then.


He didn't want to meet her parents, even though she met his.
First clue was my parents coming into town and realizing I didn't want them to meet him even though I had already met his. Then he met my friends at a party and he made no effort to talk to them, just kind of sat on the couch the whole time.


They called her dog ugly.
Called my dog ugly.She is the best girl, and definitely not ugly (She isn't even a pug or anything. She's a normal-looking golden retriever).


She wasn't physically attracted to him.
Nothing bad, but I realized I didn’t really want to or like to kiss him. Sucks because he’s super nice.


She realized he had a girlfriend.
He casually mentioned his gf (which I did NOT know about) and how he wants to break up with her.. No I don’t want to deal with cheaters, especially when they don’t see that as a problem.


The best idea I can give you? If you're not feeling it after a few dates, it might be better to just call things off. Sometimes you don't need any reason other than the fact that it just doesn't feel right.