11 Pictures Of Kittens With Blue Eyes That'll Make You Feel All The Things

Cats are the cutest animals alive, and if you disagree, you have seriously got to be kitten me right now. For real though, if you've ever looked into the eyes of a feline fur baby, you know how adorable they can be. On a scale of cuteness, cats are precious, kittens are too much to handle, and blue-eyed kittens are straight-up cuteness overload. In fact, the overload can cause some serious side effects. For instance, pictures of kittens with blue eyes could melt someone's icy heart.

I don't know if it's humanly possible to look at a blue-eyed fur baby without audibly squealing from delight. I know my symptoms after seeing a cute kitten include wanting to cuddle them forever. So, you have officially been warned. These 11 photos of kittens with blue eyes will cause you to feel all the things.

Grab the tissues if you tend to cry from pics of adorable animals. You might even need to step out of the quiet cafe you're currently sitting in, because I cannot guarantee you won't be awe-ing the whole way through this post. No matter what happens, these blue-eyed babies will definitely cause a pawsitive impact on your day just by being the most purrfect little kittens you ever did see.

We Will Never Be Blue Looking At This Russian Blue
Maja Topcagic/Stocksy

Blue on blue on blue. This grey Russian blue kitten just wanted to keep things consistent by having blue eyes. We totally get it. Blue looks so good on you, sweet munchkin.

It's Hard To Play Hide And Seek With Eyes That Stand Out Like Yours, Kitty
Alexey Kuzma/Stocksy

Poor kitten. He just wanted to play a fun game of hide and seek, but it's so hard to keep hidden when your piercing blue eyes just give your hideout away. Don't worry, we'll pretend like we can't see you.

These Eyes Stand Out, Fur Real
RG&B Images/Stocksy

Oh, there you are little kitten. If it weren't for your precious baby blue eyes, we might not ever find you in this white room. Luckily, those blues stick out like a sore thumb.

Oh Kitty Cat, Oh Kitty Cat, Wherefore Art Thou Kitty Cat
Carolyn Lagattuta/Stocksy

This cat is just practicing for her debut as Juliet in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Or, she's just looking down on us like the adorable angel she is. Either way, my day is looking up now that I've looked up and seen this cute kitty.

This Kitten Is Ready For A Little Cat Nap
Jovo Jovanovic/Stocksy

Just look at how adorable this sleepy kitten is. I totally get it — it must be exhausting being that cute all of the time. Go ahead and rest your little blue eyes.

This Blue-Eyed Baby Is Feelin' Blue
Jill Chen/Stocksy

Don't look so sad, little kitty. Do you know how meownificent you are? Now turn that frown upside down, because I can't handle it when you look so blue.

We Just Want To Snuggle With This Fur Bae
Melanie DeFazio/Stocksy

I'm totally prepared to give this cute kitten all the belly rubs he desires. Belly rubs, extra treats, long cuddles — you name it, it's yours, kitten.

We Will Totally Let This Cat In...To Our Hearts
Laura Stolfi/Stocksy

It's like we're entranced by this cat's blue eyes. You need to be let in? You got it. The house is now all yours. You can have all the treats, too.

This Kitten Understands How To Have A Purrfect Caturday
Maja Topcagic/Stocksy

I'm envious of this kitty's chill lifestyle. He knows that the purrfect Caturday involves just lounging around on the couch watching TV. I am totally are inviting myself over to cuddle close, and just be lazy all day ling with this cute fur baby.

This Cat Has The Most Meownificent Eyes Ever
Ryan Dearth Photography/Stocksy

I can't look away from this feline's one yellow eye and one blue eye. It's an absolutely pawsome sight, and I'm totally jealous. Not only do you get to be a cute cat, but you get the best of both eyes. I'm totally in love over here.

That's It — It's Way Too Cute In Here To Handle
Maja Topcagic/Stocksy

I thought I could make it through this list without crying happy tears, but then I saw this little kitty. I can't take it. We have reached the point where it's too cute for me to handle. You have won this round, blue-eyed kitty. You're welcome.