The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For The Mom Who’s Just As Obsessed With Self-Care As You Are

by Georgina Berbari

Whenever I start to feel like I'm losing all faith in humanity, I remember that moms exist. And since there's a holiday coming up dedicated especially to your mama, that means it's time to get those brain wheels turning in preparation for the best gift ever for your favorite human. Personally, I think wellness-centered gifts are always a hit. Whether you always partner up with your mom for a good sweat sesh, or you know she's been talking forever about wanting to get into a solid skincare routine, you really can't go wrong with Mother's Day wellness gifts for the number-one lady in your life.

Moms are the role models who are always there for us ladies, no matter what. They prove time and time again that, no matter how bleak things might look in life, there is pure goodness, compassion, and kindness in this world. Whether your favorite lady is related to you by blood, or she's simply a mama figure you've always looked up to, most of us have that one woman in our lives who we would literally do anything for.

And since caring for your body, and making time for joyful, mindful movement, are the ultimate forms of TLC, gifting your mama a wellness present will show her, in a totally unique way, just how much you appreciate everything she does for you (along with an aggressively personalized and handcrafted card, of course, because moms love that stuff).

If you're wondering what to get your mom this Mother's Day, and you know that healthy living is right up her alley, these 11 gifts will be absolutely perfect for the OG woman who always inspires you to sweat your stuff and take care of your body.

An Insulated Water Bottle For Hydration On-The-Go

S'Well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $35, Amazon

Let's get real for a second, guys: With their perpetually growing to-do lists and errands galore, I'm willing to bet a lot of moms forget to drink the right amount of water each day.

Remind your mom to hydrate in style with this adorable floral S'Well bottle that keeps cool bevs chilly, and warm drinks perfectly toasty.

The Cutest Leggings That Hold Up Through All The Sweat
Noli Yoga

Bloom Legging, $88, Noli Yoga

These royal blue floral leggings are where it's at for withstanding the sweatiest of workouts and the bendiest of yoga flows.

Not only is the design cute AF, your mama is sure to love how stretchy, silky, and soft this fabric is (and TBH, you might need to order a matching pair for yourself).

Cozy, Colorful Socks For Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Or Even Pedicures

OffTheHookbyJulie Garden Colored Crocheted Socks, $25, Etsy

Whether your mom likes hitting up her local yoga studio, venturing to pilates, squeezing in a Zumba sesh, or even getting weekly pedicures, this gift is lit, fam. Seriously, look how cozy those socks are! I think I need a pair, too, ASAP.

A Crystal Candleholder For All The Blissful Vibes
Yoga Outlet

SoulMakes Clear Quartz Lotus Candleholder, $57.95, Yoga Outlet

Unwinding after a long day of hard work, exercise, and you know, MOM-ing (yes, that's a term now, and yes, I created it) definitely requires a healing quartz crystal candleholder.

Her eyes are sure to light up when she opens this beautiful, thoughtful gift.

A HelloFresh Box For Easy Meals Galore

HelloFresh Classic Box Gift Card, $59.94 for 3 meals, HelloFresh

Cut your mama a cooking break and provide her with the freshest, healthiest meals you can get on-demand.

If I were a mom, I would eat this sh*t up — literally.

A Galaxy Yoga Mat, Because She's Your Universe
La Vie Boheme Yoga

Celestial Yoga Mat, $86, La Vie Boheme Yoga

Whether she just needs a mat to do her home workouts on, or you two love pairing up to hit your favorite local yoga studio, this beautiful galaxy mat is an out-of-this-world gift for your mama.

Aromatherapy To Turn Her Shower Into A Spa

Aromatherapy Shower Kit, $39.97, Essio

Why spend money on an aggressively overpriced spa trip when you can help your mom turn her shower into an aromatherapy oasis for her post-workout "me time"? Essio's got you covered with this super easy DIY kit.

Personalized Tea Bags That'll Make Her Morning Mug So Special

Package of Tea Notes, $17.99, Tenota

If your mom loves brewing some tea in the morning before easing into some energizing yoga poses, or she just likes drinking it on the way from work to her favorite workout class, these personalized tea bags will be sure to make her smile and think of her favorite daughter (#SorryNotSorry, siblings).

An Acupressure Mat For Major Stress Relief
Yoga Outlet

Hugger Mugger Mukta Mat, $31.46, Yoga Outlet

If there's anyone who's stressed out in this world, it's your mom. This acupressure mat contains thousands of little plastic spikes that target exactly where your body's holding onto stress, and she'll be so thankful to unwind on this bad boy at the end of a long day.

Basically, mom will love you for this one, girl.

A Skincare Set For Those #SelfCareSundays
Franklin and Whitman

Weekly Face Care Kit, $59.95, Franklin & Whitman

When the week is finally over, and your mom's recovering from day after day after running in and out of the gym, imagine how much she'll want to wind down with a little self-care Sunday action.

This skincare kit will basically be a mini facial she can do right at home — and hey, why don't you join her? Give me all the face masks, please.

A Punny Mug To Put A Smile On Her Face In The Morning

Giftsology Namastay In Bed Coffee Mug, $12, Etsy

When your mom wakes up in the morning, and she's getting ready for her run or her a.m. yoga flow, she'll now have this clever little coffee mug to make her giggle and think of you.

Ah, Mother's Day has never been so sweet — happy shopping, friends!