11 Unique Gift Ideas For The BFF Who Loves Waffles As Much As Eleven

In Stranger Things, you know the way to Eleven's heart is through some waffles. Who could blame her? Food really is a great way to show someone you love them, and waffles are just fluffy goodness you can eat anytime of the day. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise — you can have waffles for every meal. If you have a friend who is eerily similar to Eleven because they loves waffles, you know that any of these gift ideas for waffles lovers are the perfect presents to get for their birthday or any holiday.

You could also just get your friend a waffle present to show them that you love them a waffle lot. There doesn't really need to be any particular reason, just like you don't really need a reason to make some waffles. Also, waffles go great with anything, so you can find pretty much any gift you want to get your friend with a waffle twist to it, from jewelry and clothing, to candles. You never have to get stuck (like Will in the Upside Down) trying to figure out what to get your waffle-loving friend. Consider giving them any of these 11 — like Eleven — waffle items you can find online.

A "Should I Stay Or Should Eggo?" T-Shirt

Should I Stay Or Should Eggo? Shirt, $20.44+, Etsy

This is a great gift for your friend who is as big of an Eggo waffle fan as Eleven. This is sure to be a shirt she won't want to "leggo" of. Also, who doesn't love a good waffle pun?

These Waffle Earrings

Waffle Earrings, $10, Etsy

These waffle earrings are too cute that we just want to eat them. Though, don't get tricked by these. They look delicious, but aren't edible at all. Your friend will love wearing them with just about any outfit.

Waffle Lip Balm

Eleven Lip Balm, $4, Etsy

This maple syrup and waffles-flavored lip balm sounds delicious, but the scent isn't too overpowering that you'll just be licking your lips all day.

The all-natural lip balm is perfect for your friend to keep in her purse for any chapped lip emergencies. I mean, you never know when you'll get trapped in the Upside Down, and you'll need some waffle lip balm to get you through it.

A Waffle Patch

Dripping Waffle Embroidered Patch, $9, Etsy

This is a cute patch you can get for your friend if she's looking to jazz up her jackets or backpack. You'll always know which one is hers with a bright waffle on it. The butter and dripping maple syrup really add something extra to the waffle design, too.

This Waffle Soap

Mini Waffles with Syrup Breakfast Food Soap, $7.25, Etsy

These waffle soaps are so tiny and cute. Don't eat them though, because they're soap.

The eight mini waffle soaps also come with a pat of butter and a condiment cup filled with vegan soap "syrup." Sounds like washing your hands just got a lot more fun.

A Pair Of Waffle Socks

Custom Waffle and Syrup Nike Elites Socks, $25.99, Etsy

These waffle socks are also super cute. They can keep your friend's toes warm all winter long. She can also stand out wearing her waffle socks with any outfit.

An Essential Waffle Cookbook
Urban Outfitters

Mini Waffle Cookbook, $9.99, Urban Outfitters

If your friend likes making waffles as much as she likes eating them, this mini waffle cookbook is a great gift idea. There are great recipes for sweet and savory waffles. So, you can pretty much make waffles for every meal.

This Waffle Compact Mirror

Realistic Waffle Handheld Compact Mirror, $9.72, Etsy

Everyone needs an emergency compact, so gift your friend a waffle one. It'll look like she's pulling out an actual mini waffle from her purse every single time she goes to grab it.

A Waffle Necklace

Waffle Necklace, $20, Etsy

This waffle necklace is a perfect gift if you wanted to get you and your bestie matching BFF necklaces. It's seriously too cute for words, and she'll be reminded of you every time she wears it.

A Waffle Candle

El's Waffles Stranger Things Inspired Soy Candle, $6.99, Etsy

This candle is inspired by Eleven's obsession with waffles, so you know your waffle-loving friend will also enjoy it. The vegan soy candle smells like warm waffles and syrup. It'll smell so good that you'll want to eat it, but fight the temptation like you would fight the demogorgon.

This Punny Waffle Mug

Funny Waffle Mug, $15, Etsy

Your friend can start her morning off right with some waffles, and a cup of coffee in this cute waffle mug. The mug really says it all. You like your friend a waffle lot, which is why you're gifting them a waffle mug you know they'll use on the regular.