11 Floral Dresses Like Kate Middleton's Yellow Raey Dress That Scream Summer

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The perfect summer dress is something everyone strives for. Whether you’re going to garden parties, dressing up for brunch, or just love a summer dress moment, the look is a key part of May through September. And if you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further than Duchess Kate Middleton. For a virtual interview on Thursday, May 7, Middleton wore a sunny yellow dress perfect for summer.

In her surprise appearance on This Morning, a British daytime show, the Duchess wore a yellow, tree-print dress to discuss her new project “Hold Still: A Portrait of Our Nation in 2020. In collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery, “Hold Still” will be a photo project engaging the public to, as an Instagram post by Kensington Palace reads, "help capture the spirit, the hopes, the fears & feelings of the UK as we continue to deal with the Coronavirus.”

As for Middleton’s dress, it’s reportedly from British brand Raey. Naturally, the dress is already sold out everywhere, but the soft yellow, silk material, and pastel graphic all are amazing ingredients in creating the best summer dress. To complete her perfect spring look, Middleton wore her hair down in loose waves with simple earrings and light makeup. If you’re looking to incorporate some of the Duchess’ style into your wardrobe as the weather gets warmer, here are some Middleton-inspired, floral summer dresses.

For an effortless summer dress, this style is a similar color to Middleton’s soft yellow dress. If you like to keep things on the simpler side, these dresses don’t have busy patterns, so you have to worry too much about matching.

If you like a bolder yellow, these two deeper mustard dresses pack more of a punch, and their floral patterns leave a lot of space for the color to stand out. If you want to channel a more vivid version of Middleton, these are your best bets.

Though big, bold flower prints can seem like an overplayed summer look, there’s just something that feels so right about loud florals in warm weather. Besides, the large flowers give these looks an extra funky feel. To feel like the prettiest flower in bloom this spring, go big or go home.

A maxi-dress will give you the total Disney-princess effect with its full, flowing length. You’ll feel like the epitome of royalty traipsing around in one of these dresses. All you need is a gentle summer breeze, and you’ll feel like you’re starring in a romantic period piece.

If you like to keep things short, you can still capture Middleton’s style with these dresses. Their lengths are perfect for enjoying the sun as much as you can. Both skirts have a flare to them for lots of room to move.

Just because yellow isn’t your color, doesn’t mean you have to be left out of the summer dress fun. These blue porcelain printed dresses from PrettyLittleThing are satin, which will keep you cool (not to mention, feeling super luxurious) even on the sunniest days.