Nail Summer's Blindingly Bright Beauty Trend With These 11 Colored Mascaras Under $20

This summer is poised to be one of the most electrifying seasons for beauty in a long time thanks to the fact that all things bold, bright, and highly pigmented are in. To help you tap into the super saturated trend, I rounded up 11 colored mascaras under $20 that'll light up your beauty look with just a few waves — er, swipes — of a wand. Wear them with an otherwise bare face for a look that will really make your eyes pop, or pair them with equally vibrant shadows, lipsticks, liners, and the like to really embrace a more is more aesthetic.

At Ulla Johnson's spring 2019 show, models walked the runway with their vision framed by a bright pink hue. Rose colored glasses? It was all about rose-colored lashes, and they added a subtle yet punchy touch to the otherwise natural makeup looks that defined the show's beauty treatment. On the red carpet, actresses including Lupita Nyong’o and Emma Stone have also given colorful lashes a whirl as of late, proving that they've transcended festivals and have gone full on glam. Are you ready to give them a try yourself? Pick out one of the brilliantly affordable options below.

Baby Blues

Bright indigo blue is one of the most popular mascara colors, at least so far as shades outside of black and brown are concerned. Thanks to denim, blue has become a guest neutral of sorts, meaning it goes with everything.

Little Mermaid

This seafoam green mascara gives off major mermaid vibes, so if an aquatic beauty look is what you're after, definitely consider adding it to your cabinet. It's just one of four vibrant hues Sephora brand is offering.

Royal Treatment

This deep blue hue appears almost black, so if a more subtle colored mascara is after it'll definitely be of interest.

Seeing Red

Red mascara? Don't knock it until you try it! It would be a totally unexpected way to amp up your beauty look this summer, and could potentially be a rad eye pairing for a signature blood red lip.

Doing Grape

At $6, this mascara is definitely among the most affordable of the bunch, and its vibrant violet hue is to die for.

Deep Blue Sea

Another hue perfect for mermaid eyes! This deep blue mascara is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and waterproof infused with coconut oil and vitamin B, so it's a product you can feel good about wearing.

Flower Power

Now you can be pretty in pink from head to toe!

Lime Time

Now this is a color that will make your eyes really pop! I love this light lime hue and will definitely be rocking it at music festivals to come.

Berry Good

Plum lips might be your go-to winter look, but why not make plum eyes its summery counterpart?

Mellow Yellow

This mascara would definitely give you a sunny disposition.

I'm Shocked

Like I said, blue mascara is in — one last option for you to choose from!