11 Best Tweets About Christmas That Millennials Will Get A Holly Jolly Kick Out Of

Christmastime is officially here, and you can feel the excitement in the air. Right now, the party invites are rolling in, everyone's decked out in festive sweaters, and you can't get enough of the seasonal drinks at your local coffee shop. It really is "the most wonderful time of the year," and people on Twitter are here for it. In fact, some of the best tweets about Christmas are making me fa-la-la-la-laugh all month long. As we count down the days to Dec. 25, most millennials have a side clock that's counting down the days until Christmas break.

Out of all the presents you'd like to see underneath your tree, there's truly nothing better than going back home and spending time with your family and friends. You've worked hard all year long, so it's time to have some festive fun with your loved ones, but also kick back and relax with a mug of hot cocoa.

If you're just as pumped as I am, you'll get a holly jolly kick out of these 11 tweets about the Christmas season. You might even want to share them with everyone you know to spread even more holiday cheer. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have mistletoe to hang and gingerbread cookies to decorate, because its Christmastime, and I'm going all out.

When The Fur Baby Is Getting Into The Spirit Of Things
katiwithoutane on Twitter

Just look at this sweet pup embracing the festive vibes of the season. (My heart is literally melting over here!)

Everyone in your family is likely excited about the holidays, even your cats and dogs. If you have a fur baby at home, a pic in front of the Christmas tree is a must for the 'Gram.

When Christmas Is On Your Mind All Day, Every Day
25days on Twitter

Let's be honest: Christmas can't come soon enough. When it finally arrives, you have that throw-your-papers-in-the-air kind of attitude — because it's time to celebrate!

When You Finish Your Last Final And You're Finally Free
katieperstrope on Twitter

If you've been spending your nights in the library cramming for finals, the minute you finish that last exam, a weight is lifted off your shoulders. Rejoice, because that's the moment you're officially on Christmas break. It's time to ditch the books, break out your festive socks, pour yourself some eggnog, and watch the entire Harry Potter series, because you can.

When Your Cat Is Clearly Having A Very Meowy (And Cozy) Christmas
caro on Twitter

This time of year, everyone gets a festive sweater — you, your parents, your sis, and even your cat! It's a staple of the season, and this cat must know that he looks very dapper all dressed up in his festive best.

When Your Holiday Sweater Game Is On Point
rachel_aaron on Twitter

I'm obsessed with Christmas sweaters. I even have a #12DaysOfSweaters countdown going strong on my Instagram.

If you're just as passionate about Christmas sweaters as I am, you know the feeling of getting a little joy every time you see a new one — most especially a llama one!

When You're Still Working Hard On Break — Just More Festive Work
elouson on Twitter

Even though you're off the clock at work, that doesn't mean you're not being productive AF during your break. You're still putting gingerbread houses together, building men out of snow, and working all day in the kitchen perfecting your chocolate mint crinkle cookies. It's work, but it's fun.

When It's The Season Of Starbucks Holiday Drinks
feliciakrieg on Twitter

The minute Starbucks debuted their holiday drink menu for the season, you dashed to the closest one for an eggnog latte. You know that a selfie with a holiday cup in hand is necessary, and you'll likely caption it with, "Love you a latte."

When Your Wrapping Paper Is Just Too Cute For Words
epicallymeems on Twitter

Sure, the present inside is pretty great, but sometimes, the holiday wrapping paper is just as good. Though, I should warn you, paper this cute will make it more difficult for someone to open up your present. However, wrapping will be 10 times more fun for you as you watch the adorable dogs dachshund through the snow.

When Watching Every Christmas Movie Is Crucial — Most Especially 'Elf'
georgeholleway on Twitter

Every night of Christmas break is reserved for watching holiday movies in your red and green flannel PJs. Choosing a movie can be a struggle, because there are just too many good ones. Though, you have to admit that the greatest Christmas movie of all time is Elf.

When You Feel The Magic Seeing The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
planetalvina on Twitter

It's not officially the festive season until you swoon over your first Christmas tree. The combination of colorful lights, ornaments, and star on top is all you need to feel all holly jolly inside. It doesn't even matter if it's a mini one made for your desk at work, or the biggest tree you've ever seen. But, it truly is essential to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree up close at least once in your life.

When You Start And End Your Days Listening To The *NSYNC Christmas Album
corymichelle_ on Twitter

In my personal opinion, *NSYNC wins for the best Christmas album of all time. Years later, I'm still listening to it all December long. Now, if only they would reunite to sing theses songs for me. That would be a true Christmas wish come true.