11 "Awkward" Proposal Stories Show There's No One Perfect Way To Get Engaged


There are a few adjectives people use to describe proposal stories that tend to be a bit more common than the rest. You know what I mean. How many times have you heard someone describe their marriage proposal as "magical" or "romantic" or — my personal favorite — "perfect"? Frankly, I'm sick of it. WE GET IT. Your proposal was amazing. I'd like something a little different. And this Reddit AskWomen thread where ladies shared their awkward proposal stories is exactly the breath of fresh air that I've been looking for.

Read along and read these stories that weren't magical, romantic or perfect. They're just plain awkward and that's totally fine.

This couple's drunken decision turned into a sober action.


They made the decision at a casual dinner.


The decision was made while she was in the bathroom.


He didn't just ask her, he "screamed" the question at her.


He popped the question while she was defrosting a chicken.


Their joke turned into reality.


He was acting so weird leading up to it that she thought he was cheating.


Her pants weren't even fully on when he popped the question.


They decided to spend the rest of their lives together mid-sex.


An argument turned into their proposal.


They gave their love a green light while stopped at a red light.


OK, I know I said these stories weren't going to be magical, romantic or perfect...but I have to say I really think these stories were pretty awesome in their own way. Who wants rose petals and fireworks when you can have spontaneity and simplicity?

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