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If You & Your Best Friend Can Laugh About These 10 Things, You're Besties For Life


A true best friend is priceless. They're there when you need someone to vent to, are down for spontaneous adventures, and take the title of your biggest cheerleader. Your bestie can make your day so much better just by being there, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that they make you laugh uncontrollably. From your inside jokes, embarrassing moments, to fun-filled memories, there are many things you can laugh about with your best friend every day.

Sharing the same (or similar) sense of humor is important in any relationship. You want to be able to make each other smile with ease. Luckily, you and your best friend are practically like twins separated at birth. You share a secret BFF language that includes your shared sense of humor. What may be hilarious to you two sometimes has other people scratching their heads, and you really wouldn't want to any other way.

Just by looking at this list of 10 funny things, you'll be immediately reminded of every joke you share together and hilarious story that had you laughing so hard that you were crying. If anything, this list should inspire you have another BFF date ASAP so you can continue to create hilarious memories that'll have you smiling forever.

That Time When You Said The Same Thing At The Same Time

You could pretty much read your best friend's mind. You finish each other sentences all the time. The best, though, is when you end up saying the same thing at the same time. That one little moment is both spooky and a great reminder of how incredibly in sync you are.

That Time When You Both Started Laughing So Much That You Cried

You may not even remember exactly what made you start laughing in the first place, but you'll never forget laughing so hard that you started crying. Whatever caused the case of the giggles, you know that only a few people in the world could ever have such a positive affect on you, and your bestie is certainly one of them.

That Time When You Tagged Each Other In The Same Meme

Sometimes, you see a meme that immediately makes you think of your best friend. You tag your bestie, only to realize they've tagged you. That's a social media moment that only comes from two people on the same wavelength.

That Time When You Went Down A YouTube Rabbit Hole

I've done it. You've probably done it. We've likely all done it at least once. You know those moments when you go down a YouTube rabbit hole of watching video after video. That's when you find some really hilarious gems. When you and your best friend get lost in YouTube videos, you may discover your next inside joke that you just had to be there to understand.

That Time When You Stayed Up Super Late Talking

Time moves at a different speed when you're with your best friend. You could talk to them for hours and it feels like minutes. One moment you're just hanging out, and the next it's already 3 a.m. and you need to go to bed. It's funny how quickly you lose track of time when you're with someone you love.

That Time When You Showed Up Wearing Similar Outfits

Over the years, your wardrobes may have become eerily similar. That's why you can't help but laugh when someone points out how similar your outfits are when you show up together. You're hardcore twinning and have no complaints about it.

That Time When You Planned To Go Out, But Spent The Whole Night At Home

You've likely been there more times than once when you and your bestie make solid plans to go out, but ended up staying at home instead. When you realize what's happened, you can't help but laugh. Face masks and Netflix? Now that sounds like the perfect plan.

That Time When You Both Looked At Each Other At The Same Time And You Just Knew

Sometimes, you don't have to say a single word to understand everything your best friend is thinking. That's why it's hilarious in those moments when someone says or does something, and you both look at each other at the same time. You start laughing because of course you're both thinking the same thing.

That Time When You Said Something Completely Wrong And It Became Your Fave Joke

Sometimes, your tongue just betrays you and whatever you meant to say comes out all wrong. It could be that you accidentally combined two words. Whatever it was, it's one of your favorite inside jokes.

That Time When You Tripped And You Both Started Laughing

Whenever you trip, you can expect your BFF to pick you up... after they've stopped laughing. Those are the moments you may normally be embarrassed by, but because you have your best friend by your side, they always become hilarious stories you want to remember.