10 Genius Things On Amazon Under $20 That'll Make Your Taco Tuesdays Way Better

Sean Locke/Stocksy/Amazon

The beginning of the week was a total drag until society harmoniously decided Tuesdays were meant for eating tacos and sippin' on margs. Taco Tuesday is the vegetarian, asada, or chicken-filled day of the week. It's no Friday, but tacos sure taste like the weekend is not too far off. To further sell you on this blessed day, there are things on Amazon under $20 that will make your Taco Tuesday extra lit and memorable.

You never forget the first time you take a bite into a delicious taco. It's like the world stands still, and all of a sudden you are knee-deep in pico de gallo, guacamole, grilled onions, and your friend telling you to stop sniffing the amazing salsa choices. The art of tacos seems simple, but if you're doing it just right, you know there's a perfect science to this food.

Hosting a Taco Tuesday party or indulging elsewhere shouldn't be done all willy-nilly. Finding little gadgets or hacks to help you further enjoy this delicious AF food will make your Tuesday so much more enjoyable. If you're a huge Taco enthusiast like me, any of these buys will make you want to skip down the yellow tortilla road with your dog, Taco.

An Avocado Badge Of Honor, Because Guacamole Is Life

Avocado Cute Fruit Embroidered Applique Iron On Sew On Patch, $6, Amazon

If you're that person who chuckles under their breath when the Chipotle employee asks you if you are OK with the extra charge for guacamole, then this patch is meant for you. That cute jean jacket of yours seems incomplete with it out now, huh? Yeah, this is super extra... just like that guacamole charge.

Taco Leggings, Because They're Comfortable AF

Marvel Deadpool Tacos All Over Print Leggings Womens, $12, Amazon

You have to be comfortable when you're eating food — especially tacos. You don't want any distractions and leggings, as we all know, are the most convenient things ever. The taco print is an added bonus.

A Banner For When You Host The Best Taco Tuesday Party Ever

Taco Bout A Party Banner, $16, Amazon

The second runner-up to tacos themselves, are taco puns or a play on words including tacos. Also, this glittery banner will complement just about any color you have on your wall. D*mn, tacos are so freaking innovative.

Taco Earrings Are Yummy Accessories

Taco Earrings, $14, Amazon

Taco earrings are so freaking cute. I'm not a huge jewelry fan, but for these, I would make an exception. There's nothing like effortlessly showcasing your love for tacos, one ear at a time.

A Drawstring Backpack For Chasing Down The Taco Truck

Shoulder Drawstring Backpack, prices vary, Amazon

Look, sometimes you don't have the luxury of catching the taco truck while it's dormant. Blame adulting and unfair hours at work for that. Luckily, when you need to run, this drawstring backpack will hold the essentials, so you don't miss out on your taco Tuesday vibes.

Tacos For Lunch Means You're Carrying Precious Cargo

BigMouth Inc Taco Truck Lunch Tote, $15, Amazon

Whether you brought tacos in or picked up a few on your lunch break, they deserve to be carried in an adorable lunch tote. FYI, themed lunch boxes can totally be an adult thing, too. Trust me, they're too cool for school.

A Taco Pin For A Subtle, But Dedicated Salute

Taco Lapel Pin, $10, Amazon

There's only one thing that would make this lapel pin better — if it was scented. For now, pinning this little beauty on the corner of your jacket will do for now. Tacos are life

Experimenting With Different Recipes Couldn't Hurt

The Taco Cookbook: 100 Favorite Taco Recipes From The Flavorful Mexican Kitchen, $10, Amazon

You can never be introduced to too many taco recipes. The thought of too many tacos doesn't even really exist. Get to exploring, and of course, eating.

A Taco Holder For When it Seems Like You Don't Have Enough Hands

The Ultimate Prehistoric Taco Stand for Jurassic Taco Tuesdays, $12, Amazon

Dropping a taco is like fumbling with a piece of your heart. It's a sad moment for anyone. With a taco holder, you'll have peace of mind and a solid place for that extra taco you can't place in your hand just yet.

A Taco Galaxy Pillowcase, Because A Food Coma Is Inevitable

Taco Galaxy Cat Pillow Case, $8, Amazon

A taco nap means you lived Taco Tuesday to the fullest and can now slumber with a satisfaction only tacos can deliver. If you sleep now, the more tacos will be there when you wake up. Actually, go ahead and dream of tacos, too, because why not?

By now, you've probably got most, if not all, of these taco-infused items in your Amazon cart. Happy taco Tuesday celebration, everyone!