10 Things Millennials Would Much Rather Do On A Rainy Day Instead Of Going To Work

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Let's face it: When you hear the rain outside, all you really want to do is stay snuggled up beneath your covers and sleep some more. The problem is, you have to get up, get ready, and go to work. (Too bad you can't call in sick because of the rain, am I right?) While you sit at your desk, staring at the raindrops falling outside your window, you may begin to think about all of the things millennials would rather do on a rainy day instead of going to work.

As a Florida girl, I'm used to the rain. It makes me happy, and brings me back to the days of building blanket forts in my living room and reading books by candlelight. It was also fun going out and jumping in the puddles with my brand new, vibrantly-colored rain boots.

As a millennial, you probably like to tap into that nostalgia any chance you get. That's why the rain brings on so many fun ideas of things you'd much rather be doing than chilling in your cubicle with your computer. Obviously, no offense to your work, but the rain just makes you feel like being cozy AF, and you'd rather be doing literally anything else. That's why you really wish you could put on your automated "out of office" message, and do any of these 10 things on your next rainy day.

Stay At Home And Have A Movie Marathon

Movies and rainy days go hand-in-hand. When it's gloomy outside, it's the perfect lighting to have a marathon at home with your favorite films. You wish you could be cuddling up with your pet, favorite blanket, and tons of snacks instead of knee-deep in spreadsheets.

Build The Most Epic Blanket Fort You've Ever Seen

Your blanket forts as a kid were pretty awesome, but now you could build the most epic blanket fort to ever exist. With a full day of staying inside to avoid the rain, you could cover every area of your apartment with cozy blankets, string lights, and frilly pillows.

Splash Around In All The Puddles

Sometimes, you just want to feel like a kid again, and that means putting on your cute rain boots and splashing around in puddles. You and your friends could take the cutest Insta pics in the rain with your umbrellas and colorful raincoats. But alas, you're scrolling through Instagram feeling FOMO at work instead.

Kiss Bae In The Rain Like You're In A Rom-Com
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If you'd much rather be hanging out with bae on a gloomy, rainy day, you might want to recreate some of your favorite movie moments of couples kissing in the rain. You could channel that iconic kiss from The Notebook. It would be a very cute way to spend your non-work day.

Finish Up Your Reading List In A Cozy Nook

If only you could use the rainy day to make a dent in your forever-growing reading list. Nothing sounds more appealing than getting cozy with a warm mug of tea, and getting lost in a book. You could even wrap yourself up in all of your fuzzy blankets, and create your very own reading nook.

Sit At A Cute Café And Sip Your Favorite Latte

When the weather is gloomy, you want to get as comfortable as possible inside. That means enjoying a warm drink. A rainy day could have been the best excuse to sit at your favorite café while drinking a latte and catching up on that writing project you've been working on.

Play Games With Your Friends At Home
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If all of your friends also had the day off, you could invite them over for a game day. You'd play board games, card games, and might even break out the charades. You're always looking for an excuse to spend more time with your squad, after all.

Have A Baking Party
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Along with getting cozy at home, you could host a baking party. Break out the recipes in that Pinterest board you've put together. Just imagine savoring warm brownies and chocolate chip cookies that melt in your mouth. I mean, the least your office could do on a rainy day is bring in bagels and treats for every meeting.

Order A Bunch Of Food And Chill Out
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Since you don't want to go out in the rain, you would really love to stay in your PJs and order a ton of your favorite food. If you're unsure if you want pizza, Thai, or sushi, why not order all three? If you weren't working, you could enjoy a stay-at-home feast for one. Of course, you'd share the leftovers with your roomies when they got back.

Turn Off Your Alarm Clock And Catch Up On Sleep

Out of all the things you could do on a rainy day, the one thing you'd do in a heartbeat is turn off your alarm clock, and go back to sleep. Since the sun isn't out, you shouldn't have to be, either. Just roll right over, and get back to dreaming.

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