10 Common Struggles You Face When Traveling With The Fam During The Holidays

by Ciara Johnson

The family vacation struggle is real. The holidays are right around the corner, so it's time to celebrate with your loved ones. Life can get busy, leaving some with very little time to spend time with their family members. The holiday season is the best time of year to take a vacation to reunite with your family members and bond together. A family vacation can be challenging in its own way, but it's the ultimate time for everyone to recharge and catch up in a beautiful destination. These are the struggles you face when traveling with family that so many of us can relate to over the holidays, because we've been there and done that.

In my opinion, a vacation is always the answer, especially during the holidays. There's nothing like jetting off to a dream destination or road tripping across glorious landscapes, and putting your work schedule on hold. It's even better when you've got your day ones by your side. Family comes first, so why not spend time exploring new places together? You'll inevitably go through your fair share of vacation struggles, but it'll all be worth it in the end. You learn to overcome the lows, and cherish the highs. You also learn to appreciate that special time together. Cheers to every family vacation this holiday season!

Deciding Where To Go, And Who To Go With
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Mom might want to do a road trip to visit family in Colorado, but dad prefers to plan a beach getaway. The first challenge is deciding where to go and agreeing on a destination. Will you choose an adventure destination or take things easy? Will you extend an invite to your relatives, or include your immediate family only? Decisions, decisions.

Planning The Ultimate Festive Itinerary
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How do you please a group of people who have different interests, ages, and personalities? It can be so difficult to find activities to please all family members. Needless to say, deciding what to do on a holiday-inspired trip with the fam will require plenty of compromise.

Navigating Crowds At The Airport
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Any airport is stressful enough for one person, but it's even more challenging traveling as a family. You've gotta handle a collection of bags, documents, and moods so that you can make it to your gate before take-off. Plus, the holiday crowds are no joke.

Deciding Where To Eat
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It's so easy to waster precious vacation time deciding where to eat. There's nothing like dealing a family full of hangry people. You're managing a variety of tastes, schedules, and diets, so this is always a tricky task. Consider gifting your family members an Uber Eats gift card at the beginning of the trip, and where to eat will no longer be a problem.

Sharing Spaces
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You might not have shared a room with your siblings since you were in elementary school, but now you've gotta share beds for the weekend. You haven't lived with your parents since high school, but now you're all sleeping in close quarters. You've just gotta stick it out and remember that this is all temporary. It's bonding time, remember?

There Are No Boundaries
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Nobody knows you like your family, but a family trip can potentially leave little room for boundaries. Your parents might revert to treating you like a kid again, and you'll begin to notice all of your siblings' quirks. Take a deep breath, and cherish the short time you have together. It's probably only a week or long weekend, right?

The Non-Stop Questions
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So, what's next? Are you dating anyone? Are you going back to school? When will you be getting a promotion? Suddenly, everyone expects you to have your life all figured out, and you're being bombarded with questions about your personal business. Have a few witty comments prepared to address all of the topics in your life you could potentially be questioned on. No one will catch you off-guard.

There's Not Really Any Alone Time
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We all need some time to ourselves every now and then, but family vacation doesn't typically allow for much privacy. Don't worry, the time will fly, and you'll look back on this vacation with gratitude. If you have to get up a little earlier than the rest to head out for a run or coffee in peace and quiet, it may be worth it.

Arguments Are Inevitable
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There's no denying that family time often includes arguments. Your patience will be tested in many areas. You'll argue for 10 minutes, but you'll probably forget why you were mad before you know it. (And if not, remember the 24-hour rule: Everything feels better the next day.)

Time Flies
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Despite some struggles that a holiday vacation with the fam may bring, you'll always look back on these experiences with fond memories. One day, you'll be thankful that you chose to focus on the good, and create lifelong memories with the people you love most.