10 Smart Travel Accessories That'll Make Your Upcoming Travels A Breeze

Packing for a trip can be absolutely dreadful. On the one hand, choosing a gorgeous place to stay, researching fun activities, and bookmarking Instagram-worthy spots are part of the fun. On the other hand, packing is probably the least amusing part when it comes to preparing for a trip. It's so easy to overpack whenever you're trying to plan the best outfit and accessories for everything on your itinerary. At the same time, you don't want to under-pack and leave the things you need most behind. Packing is an art. Fortunately, there are some smart travel accessories that you can pack to make your travels a breeze.

Whenever you plan for a trip, every type of scenario tends to pop into your mind. What if you lose your phone? What if you forget your favorite pair of shoes? Trip planning should be exciting, but it can quickly become stressful. Packing is among the most overwhelming aspects of trip planning. Avoiding procrastination is a major key to becoming a better packer. In addition, knowing what to pack can save you a lot of worry and hassle.

It's 2018, so there are a variety of travel accessories that can make travel so much easier for you. After buying these items, your trips are bound to go much smoother.

1This Cute AF Carry-On Luggage

The Carry On, Blush


A quick scroll down your Instagram feed will show you that AWAY Luggage is having its moment. AWAY Luggage sells carefully crafted luggage. Its famous carry-on bag which features an ejectable phone charger, combination lock, and an unbreakable shell. I can't forget to mention the wide range of colors they offer, from "sky" to "sand." This is the luggage you never knew you needed.

2A Portable Charger To Stay Connected

RAVPower Portable Chargers


You can't travel without a portable charger in 2018. These days, our phones make everything easier. You can access maps, bank accounts, social media, email accounts, trip information, and photo apps with your phone. You won't have to worry about missing out on the perfect photo opportunity or getting lost without maps as long as you keep your phone charged. Your days of fighting for the last power outlet are over.

3A Whistle Necklace

Whistle Necklace

Unbound Babes

Safety should always be your top priority when you hit the road, especially if you're traveling solo. This necklace doubles as a whistle in disguise. You'll look good and feel even safer.

4A Mini Travel Iron To Stay Fresh

Steamfast SF-717 Mini Travel Steam Iron


This travel iron will really come in handy when you're unpacking and discover some of your clothes got wrinkled. It's super compact, and will fit perfectly in your suitcase.

5A Drone For Epic Travel Videos

DJI - Mavic Pro Quadcopter with Remote Controller


I think we've all wondered how travel influencers record those epic aerial footage videos at least once. DJI Mavic Pro is a travel drone that will allow you to capture incredible scenery from above. If you want to take your travel photos and videos to the next level, then this is the drone to purchase.

6A Pocket-Sized Wi-Fi Hotspot


Tep Wireless

Some say you should wander where the Wi-Fi is weak, but the struggle is real sometimes. Thanks to your smartphones, everything can be done in the palm of your hand. As a result, Wi-Fi can make your travels more convenient. TEP Wireless is a device that allows you to carry unlimited Wi-Fi with you. You can purchase the device if you're a frequent traveler, or rent the device for a little over eight dollars a day during short trips. Avoid expensive roaming fees and use this Wi-Fi hotspot during your trip to stay connected.

7A Multipurpose Infinity Scarf



This multi-function infinity scarf will be your new favorite travel accessory. It will keep you warm on those cold airplane rides, and most importantly, you can hide your valuables inside of pockets. This scarf will keep important items close, and it'll be the cutest addition to your outfit.

8A Waterproof Pouch

Universal Waterproof Case


Losing or breaking your phone during vacation is the absolute worst. If you're going on a tropical vacation, then you can play it safe by purchasing this waterproof phone pouch. Slip your phone inside, and it's protected. You'll be able to snap some awesome underwater videos without a worry in the world.

9Diva Cup

Diva Cup Model 2 Menstrual Cup


Traveling during "that time of the month" just became a whole lot easier with the Diva Cup. You'll eliminate waste created by paper products. In addition, you can spend the money that you'd use to buy a pack of feminine products on a few cones of gelato instead.

10Packing Cubes

Bago Packing Cubes For Travel Bags


Packing cubes have the potential to change your life. If you're an avid over-packer, then these cubes will help you stay organized and avoid overweight luggage fees. Packing cubes will compress your clothes to help you pack so much better.