10 Signs You Found The Perfect Tailgate Buddy & Already Won The Season

There's one thing you'll want to be prepared for the first few months of freshman year, and it isn't a pop quiz. If football season takes over your campus, you'll want to get the full experience by tagging along with someone who's the epitome of school spirit. There are a few key signs you found the perfect tailgate buddy who will make football season an unforgettable time for you.

Your tailgate buddy will likely turn you into your bestie, because she will take you under her wing and show you how to enjoy football season on and off the field. Even if you aren't a huge fan of the sport, by the time she's done with you, you will almost have as much school attire as she does. Needless to say, her optimism and free spirit will rub off on you, and you'll never experience the game the same without her (and her dope baked goods).

Sure, you cheered for your high school football team, but now you're in the big leagues. Your freshman year is about to kick off, and if your tailgate buddy has any of these 10 characteristics, you've already won the season. Now, put your game face on!

1. Her School Spirit Is Astronomical


Your tailgate buddy will have all of the sports swag for you and her to wear. Coordinating those cute outfits with your makeup and face paint calls for some game day selfies. Oh, and if it's cold outside, she'll have matching beanies on deck.

2. She's Always Prepped With The Best Games


Tailgating is an all-day affair, and as much as her conversation is entertaining enough, she has awesome games for your crew to play. Whether it's Corn Hole or Bean Bag Ladder Toss, she has it stashed somewhere in the trunk of her car. Your tailgate buddy has thought of everything humanly possible to make game day enjoyable for everyone.

3. She Makes The Tastiest Themed Snacks


Real talk: Your tailgate buddy's snacks are Instagram gold. You won't be able to get enough of all of the delicious themed snacks she has prepped for the big day. Dang, is there anything this woman can't do?

4. Need Your Face Painted? She's Got You Covered


Jersey? Check. Glitter? Definitely. If you didn't have a chance to paint your face at home for the big game, your girl has you covered with the glitter paint she brought in her bag. Her school spirit is at an all-time high, remember?

5. She'll Coordinate Everything In A Group Text


Your tailgate bud is highly organized, but she isn't overbearing. She lets everyone know where you're meeting and at what time. Let's be honest: Game day can get a little hectic, but with her planning, you are all golden.

6. She'll Make The Entire Football Season Memorable


No two tailgates are the same when your girl's around, and she'll truly make each one more special than the last. Whether it's her welcoming attitude or deep love for the game itself, she's given you many awesome memories. You'll look back on your freshman year and thank her for all of the fun you two had.

7. You Can Count On Her To Explain The Game To You


Don't underestimate your girl. She loves chilling at the tailgate, but she knows the rules of the field, too. If there's something you don't understand, she is more than happy to break it down for you.

8. With Her, You Are Never Without A Folding Chair


Even dedicated tailgaters have to take a breather. Chances are, she has a folding chair with your name on it, and it has the convenient pockets for your cold soda, so you can sip back and relax.

9. Her Tailgate Playlists Are Fire


Her Spotify playlists are legendary. After a tailgate with her, you'll be humming Queen's "We Will Rock You" for an entire week. To be honest, you might want to snag her playlists for midterms and finals week, too.

10. She Has Your Back, No Matter What


Tailgates can get crowded AF at times, but your tailgate bestie won't let you out of her sight. She's your bathroom buddy, and will definitely keep you hydrated if it's hot outside. She's the real deal, remember?

Football season won't last forever, but you'll want to stick with your tailgate buddy throughout the year. She's a catch, even during the off season.