The 7 Types Of People You'll Inevitably Meet At College Tailgates

by Tessa Harvey

For most major universities and colleges, football season is where it's at. There's no better way to ring in the start of the school year than by showing off your school spirit with your new crew. And with every great football game comes an epic tailgate party to kick things off.

Rain or shine, if there's a home game, you're guaranteed to find a passionate crowd of students, alumni, and fans celebrating the game and getting ready for a win. There's no doubt that your first tailgate is college rite of passage. Whether you're a newbie headed to your first tailgate, or a seasoned attender, these are the seven people you're about to see.

1. The Party Bro

Wil Stewart/Unsplash

The tailgate bro never fails to be decked out in his gym tank, despite the cool fall winds. You can catch him waving his university flag off the back of his car, and blaring his horn through game traffic. Between shouting, "CHUG IT!" as he downs his beer, he fist pumps his way to the game.

2. The Cheerleader

The cheerleader had her tailgate outfits planned from the moment she set foot on campus. She's proud and passionate about her school spirit, and wants to get everyone else pumped up, too. Gold glitter adorns her face, and her pompoms are always at her side.

3. The One Who Never Actually Makes It To The Game

You can spot this person by their fanny pack and water bottles filled with vodka. They always come to the tailgate prepared to get the raging started. This one tends to have a bit too much fun, and they probably haven't ever made it into the stadium to watch the actual game.

4. The Diehard Fan

The diehard fan knows every fact, figure, and stat there is to be found about your school's team. He has definitely arrived to the game in time to watch the full warmup and perform his good luck juju. Front and center, the diehard fan prides himself on revving up the student body and sitting through any type of weather for "his" team.

5. The One Who's Just There For The 'Gram

Kelly Knox

You can spot this person posing by the welcome sign and giving her best pout. She's telling everyone in the group shots to get their pose right, and is on her 10th boomerang of her and her girls shotgunning a beer to "get it just right." She'll be Snapchatting her tailgate day from sunrise, to sunset.

6. Someone's Mom And Dad

It's the time of year for these two to live up their glory days. They're decked head-to-toe in school attire, blasting oldies from their car radio, and clinking their cans of Bud Light. You can catch them arm-in-arm, grilling up some burgers and hotdogs they'll gladly offer to other tailgaters.

7. That Kid From Class

This kid is usually a bit more on the quiet side and super studious, answering every professor's question. But today, he's in true form. You'll see him with his friends, throwing back drink after drink and living his best life. He's taking turns sitting on his friend's shoulders and running around with the school flag for everyone to cheer at.