7 People You Need To Meet In College So You Don't Miss Your OG Clique

by Lenny Prosser
Relativity Media

Summer rapidly winds down. The living room quietly fills with a comforter from Bed Bath & Beyond (that every girl has also bought) and bags upon bags of crop tops and high-waisted shorts. College is eager to greet you right around the corner, but there is only one thing left on your college to-do list: goodbyes.

Your high school friend group has been together all summer, and now you're down to one last hangout until you all go your separate ways and post Instagrams with new, unfamiliar faces who aren't part of your OG clique. The group chat that's been blowing up for the past three months will slowly die down and randomly come back to life every so often.

But, all of your worries will be pushed aside because those hometown friends will always be there. Even if it means scheduling primitive FaceTime dates with one another, they'll be there. College friends, however, are different than these special hometown friends.

College friends are there to see you at your proudest moments (nailing that internship interview) and at some of your lowest of lows (holding back your hair at 3 am while your face is in the toilet). Deciding whom you want to surround yourself with for the best four years of your life can be difficult.

But when it comes down to it, there are definitely seven different kinds of people you have to befriend in order to survive all the ups and downs that make up that #CollegeLife.

1. The Go-To

This friend us the one who always responds within seconds to your, “Are you going out tonight?” text. This kind of friend is listed first for a reason. Keep this one around.

It's basically redundant to say that your social life is a main element of college, and the go-to will always be the one to convince you to put on some lipstick and hit the frat scene at the last minute. You can always count on her to share her new Urban Outfitters bodysuit with you, and she'll be the first one to pull you onto any elevated surface.

This partier will be there by your side for the nights you want to remember (or hope to forget) and for many, many morning-after breakfasts where you try to collect the pieces of the previous night.

2. The Netflix And Chill Buddy

Don't get ahead of yourself; this person is just a friend. For the nights when you're just too exhausted from doing countless hours of homework and need to stay in, call this buddy.

In order to recover and rest your soul, staying in for a movie and Insomnia cookies is definitely the move with this friend. This friend will listen to you b*tch about drama going on with your hometown friends or the guy who just won't answer your text. Sometimes these low-key nights turn out to be the best ones.

3. The Studious One

This person is the first person to text you, "Want to hit the lib?" Your parents aren't dropping this much dough for you to dance with frat guys every weekend wearing a barely-there outfit.

You're on campus for your education, so find this friend who will force your ass to class, even when you think you're too hungover to walk down the hall to brush your teeth. This friend will push you to do your best, and she'll remind you how important your future is.

The smart friend will make you study for hours in the library, but will probably order pizza within an hour into hitting the books. She'll keep you focused and driven in your college lifestyle filled with countless distractions.

4. The Computer Science Major Who Lives Three Doors Down

You may laugh when you read this one, but you'll seriously be glad to have this friend around when your English literature essay is due at midnight, and your MacBook Air suddenly crashes.

This friend will fix your Netflix account when it won't stop reloading and will figure out a way to set up the new printer your mom just bought you. This person will probably teach you a lot of life lessons while helping you with your technological difficulties.

Keep this friend around. You won't regret it.

5. The Friend In Your Major

Having friends who have the same major as you will definitely help you to succeed in college. Study groups will naturally form within the first weeks of class, and this will help you do well in all the classes pertaining to your major.

You can count on knowing at least three people in all of your major classes because of these very friends. They'll make sure you all pass online quizzes and homework assignments by cheating collaborating together. Your major will seem like a breeze once you create this squad in all your classes.

6. Floor Friends

These friends are crucial. I repeat, they are crucial.

Freshmen year can be a tough transition, and it's often very overwhelming. Luckily, forming friendships with the people you live with will quickly make campus feel more like home.

You'll always be guaranteed to have a solid squad to roll up to the dining hall with. Even better, your guy floor friends will always be there to walk you home from a party at 2 in the morning (and probably persuade you to get Jimmy John's on the way back).

These friendships are the first ones you made on an overwhelmingly large campus, and they'll probably last far beyond freshman year.

7. The Frat Guy (Approach With Caution)

These guys definitely do not have the best reputation in general, but sometimes you find a catch. The nice guy decked out in Vineyard Vines will keep an eye on you at some sketchy parties, and he'll always makes sure you find a way home safely. Odds are, he also has some good looking friends who will always send you an address for a party.

Despite his fraternity's reputation, keep him around because then you're always guaranteed to find a safe, good time. Even though you feel major FOMO when your hometown friends post Snap stories with their new bestie of a roomie, keep in mind all the special people you have in your own college life.

These people push you to focus on your education, but they also create all of the memories only you can relate to. When college rolls around and slaps you in the face, don't be too upset to leave your hometown friends. You simply just have to make room in your life for new people and new memories.

On a campus packed with so many different characters, however, make sure you find these seven individuals so you can stay somewhat sane during the madness that makes up your best four years.