10 Sex Toys To Buy Yourself After A Breakup For Epic Solo Sex

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A lot can change in your life following a breakup. You might have to move, your friend group may change, and you could have a lot more time on your hands — which may actually bode well when it comes to one of the good things about being single. I'm talking about the one aspect of your life that doesn't have to change as much, or may even improve following a breakup, and that's your solo sex life, which can still be totally amazing and satisfying. And knowing which sex toys to buy yourself after a breakup — because you deserve a treat — can take things to the next level.

Not only do orgasms feel great, but they can also actually help lift your mood, something that you can probably appreciate after a breakup. "Orgasms release feel-good neurochemicals like dopamine and oxytocin that boost your satisfaction and activate the reward circuits in your brain. This in turn helps to reduce stress and induce euphoria which is a great antidote for depression," Ali Psiuk, a licensed marriage and family therapist, wrote in a post on the Well Clinic site. This is what you call a win-win.

There are so many toys out there on the market that it can be easy to become overwhelmed and get lost. With that in mind, here are some toys to add to your toy box to help get you started.

Lovers Purple Flutter Vibrator

This adorable little vibe offers the best of both worlds. It packs powerfully pleasurable vibration in a mini package that means you can take it just about anywhere — including underwater, since it's also waterproof.

Tracy’s Dog OG

You’re going to love this vibe inside and out — literally. Its "L" shape allows you to stimulate your g-spot while the protruding side stimulates your clitoris with a sucking action. It boasts 10 suction modes and 10 different vibration settings so you can customize the experience for maximum pleasure.

SKYN Vibes

This sensual dual-stimulating vibe truly is the best of both worlds, because it allows for both internal and external stimulation simultaneously. With 20 different vibrating speeds, it goes from very gentle to super intense, so you can find the level that works best just for you.


The Gem glass dildo might just become the crown jewel of your toy drawer. Made of toughened borosilicate glass, this toy is great for both internal stimulation and external massage. It can be warmed and cooled for temperature play. Cleaning is easy as it's dishwasher safe and can even be boiled. Plus, it's eco-friendly and recyclable — not that you'd have any desire to toss it.

Zumio E

Do vibes not give you the buzz you’re looking for? Then the Zumio E is your dream toy. Using elliptical rotation patterns and touch sensitivity which adjusts the intensity based on the amount of pressure you apply, this toy offers a versatile, unique, and satisfying experience.

SKYN Thrill

Three words best describe this vibe best: discreet, classy, and powerful. The bullet-shaped rose gold Thrill is as pretty as it is pleasurable. It features three different speeds, ranging from gentle to intense, so it's a thrill to play with.

Nipple & Clit Clamp

Love yourself with a little bit of extra-special jewelry. Brass with 24k gold plating, this nipple and clit clamp duo is just as glamorous as it is stimulating. Each clamp has silicone caps for comfort and the clitoral chain can be disconnected if you just want to wear the nipple clamps.

Sila Sonic

Vibration and sonic waves combine to make this compact toy something worth singing about. If you’re not in the mood for penetration, this external toy is just what you need to tease and please you with eight vibration patterns and adjustable intensity. Plus, it's waterproof so you can take it just about anywhere for when the mood strikes.


Add a little magic to your solo sex life with the Ollie wand vibe. This toy's all about power and not so much about discretion, so it's perfect for when you're living your best single-sex life and are here for a good time, not a quiet time. It features eight speeds and patterns and is 100 percent waterproof.

Iroha Minamo

This curvaceous vibe was built to contour to your body. Good for both clitoral and g-spot stimulation, its rippled surface offers various sensations and boasts four vibration settings, including a pulsating mode.

Get ready to feel that post-breakup buzz.

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