10 Sentimental Gifts To Give Your Partner After You Get Engaged

Vine Box, Sugarfina, Shutterfly/Elite Daily

Deciding to spend your life with your partner is one of the biggest, most emotional choices ever. An engagement is a big deal! Naturally, it calls for an on-going celebration, and if you want to do that by surprising your SO with something special, the best gift to give your partner after you get engaged is one that shows them how excited you are to become their spouse. Every relationship that's turned into a marriage has a standout quality (or qualities) that make that relationship "the one" for the people in it, and choosing a gift that reflects that love is a surefire way to make your partner totally melt.

Maybe you and your SO have always bonded over decadent meals and love splurging on bougie food now and then. In this case, the perfect engagement gift could be treating them to that tasting menu you've been eyeing for months. Or maybe your SO has always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon, and you've been waiting for the perfect occasion to experience it together. But if you, as a couple, have decided that any leftover funds will be set aside for the wedding, there are tons of sentimental gifts at lower price points that could still feel appropriate and won't break the bank. Here are some ideas to get you started.

A Monogram Flask

Since you and your partner will be doing plenty of post-engagement celebrating, a personalized flask might just come in handy.

A Wine Box Subscription

If there's nothing you and your partner look forward to more than chatting over a glass of vino after a long day's work, a wine subscription box is a perfect surprise.

A Set Of Matching Champagne Flutes

Matching Champagne glasses and a bottle of bubbly are a great gift to celebrate putting a ring on it.

A Framed Photo

A framed picture or print that celebrates your love story is something your partner will always cherish. And be sure to keep their style in mind when choosing a frame. Are they a minimalist who appreciates simplicity, or would they be more into an eye-catching piece?

A Personalized Wine Tote With Your Family Name

There's nothing more chic than toting around your bottles of booze in a leather caddy customized with your family name. If neither of you is changing your last name, then having it stamped with their initials is an equally thoughtful addition.

A Wedding Planner Book

When the afterglow of getting engaged starts to wane, the impending stress of wedding planning starts to grow. Why not give your partner something that will help you both stay organized?

A Customized Map Of Where You Got Engaged

If you got engaged to your partner on a trip, a custom map of the city where it happened is an original way to preserve the memory forever. You can even put a marker on the exact spot where it happened.

A Date-Night Cookbook

A wedding can be one of the most expensive events ever. Planning some date nights in is a major budget saver, and this cookbook is the perfect thing to gift a kitchen wizard.

A Luxurious Set Of Sheets

Fancy sheets are an indulgence that only starts to make sense once you're officially an adult. Since you and your SO will probably be sharing a bed, a silky pair of sheets will make your love nest as cozy as possible.

Some Luxe Treats

Nothing makes SOs with a major sweet tooth happier than their favorite sweet treat. If you want to make their heart sing, a customized trunk overflowing with hand-picked sweets inspired by countries from around the world is most definitely the move.

Getting your partner an engagement gift isn't a must, but it can be the icing on an already-amazing cake. If you need help coming up with ideas, don't be afraid to enlist their BFF or family to help you think up the ideal can't-wait-to-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with-you surprise.