10 NYE Resolutions To Make After A Breakup If You DGAF About Dating Anymore

You most likely have a mental list of what to bury in 2017, and if you went through a breakup, you've already started digging. It's the year of focusing on yourself, and when that ball drops, you're persevering towards loving and appreciating yourself in more ways than one. You need specific New Year's Eve resolutions to make after a breakup, because they will give you that tremendous feeling of being self-reliant on your own happiness.

Breakups can potentially have you feeling all out of whack, and you need some "me" time so that you can remember who you are all by yourself. As much as I repel this whole idea that the New Year is the prime time for self-growth practices, I am so here for it if people happen to find themselves in the aftermath of a breakup.

The very idea of the New Year, while you're dealing with what's left after a breakup, gives you hope for the future. It's even better if you're at that stage of "IDGAF about dating" because you clear your head of those nagging thoughts about who, when, and where you are going to get your next dating fix. The New Year is your playground when you've gone through a breakup, and it'd be wise to make a few solid NYE resolutions to yourself.

Consider Straying Away From Your Go-To Type

I get it. The type we like makes us go weak at the knees and we can spot them from the other side of the room, but hasn't been working for you, honey. Steering out of your comfort zone will take you to places you've never been before.

Don't Act On Presumed Butterflies

Many times, those "butterflies" are really the Chipotle you had for lunch. Stop trying to set your life up like a fairytale, and just let things unfold. You don't have to act on everything you think might kinda, sorta be magical — you are the magic.

Never Cancel Plans Because You Think A Guy Will Call

Oh, the waiting game. We've all been there — we give someone our number and wait anxiously for them to hit us up. Don't cancel plans for those "what ifs," because remember, you are taking the reigns to your own happiness. Waiting for a call would be relinquishing control.

Find Solace In Your Own Company

Girl, you are such good company. Really try to find time to be by yourself and enjoy the things you like to do. Be slightly selfish and worry about you.

Listen To Your Instincts

Remember when that persistent echo in your head kept saying this guy was no good and you refused to listen? Oh, how right she was, and maybe you should start checking in with the little voice in your head that's noticing red flags about people you seem to be overlooking at first. The nature of your instincts is that way for a reason.

Do Not Contact Your Ex

I don't care if you go out with your friends and have to give them your phone — do not contact your ex. That needs to be left behind you, and if you feel like you're going to relapse, there are ways to counteract it. You don't need to rehash that old torment. It's over.

Start A New Routine

Take a class in the morning or walk a different way to work on certain days of the week. You need to shake things up a bit and further feel like you're onto different things. Engaging in Taco Tuesday shenanigans is also an option.

Keep Your Life Off Social Media

It's likely that everyone already knows about your breakup and they are waiting to see your relationship status change, followed by a long chain of sad face emojis. Don't give people, especially your ex, the satisfaction of knowing everything you are up to after a breakup. Live your life and engage in whatever the hell you want. Social media will be there when you get back.

Be Upfront And Honest With Potential Hookups

If you plan on going through that hooking up phase, promise to be upfront and honest about what it is you want. Believe it or not, but guys also seek out relationships with us ladies. So, if you are only in it to hook up, make that very clear in the beginning.

Try Not To Drink Alone

Our feelings get super amplified when we drink, and if you drink alone, you may very well set yourself up to say silly things to people, like your ex. If you're grabbing a drink, invite a friend. Shoot, even invite your ladies over and get those wine bottles popping.

Your breakup is in the past, and the best thing you can do is move forward towards what's to come. The upcoming year is waiting to be written, and you've got all kinds of new ink.