10 Products You Need In Your Life If Your Favorite Activity Is Eating

by Caroline Burke
Amazon/Williams Sonoma

If you love eating as much as I do, then you must have a ton of fancy food creation gadgets that help you customize and fancify all of your recipes, right? Yeah, actually, I don't either. No matter how much you love food, it can sometimes seem like you have none of the right accoutrements to make the recipes you love, which is exactly why it's high time you browse some products for people who love eating more than life itself — aka you!

Regardless of what your taste buds are craving, there's a never-ending range of funny, clever, and just downright helpful food creation products to get you going in the kitchen so you can whip up some serious masterpieces.

When your favorite part of the day is breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and, duh, those regular snacks you graze on throughout the day), there's nothing better than adding a new trick to a potentially old routine. From throwing together a delicious plate of bacon and eggs, to a bowl of your favorite ice cream flavor, there's a dreamy food product for everyone and every meal. Here are 10 products that are sure to please any person who'd rather be eating right now.

A Breakfast Sandwich Maker For Heavenly Mornings
Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $25 Amazon

Behold, the greatest advancement in modern technology: the breakfast sandwich maker. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving for anyone, but especially for anyone who always tags you in those breakfast food Instagram pics with runny eggs and sizzling bacon.

A S'Mores Maker To Make Your Favorite Treat Mess-Free

Nostalgia Electric S'Mores Maker, $25, Amazon

For the little kid in you, a s'mores maker transforms a traditional campfire activity into a no-hassle dessert for any given day of the week.

A Candy Club Subscription That Keeps On Giving
candyofthemonth on Instagram

Candy Club Subscription Monthly Plan, $30 per month, Candy Club

This is the ultimate indulgence for your sweet tooth, not to mention some seriously top-of-the line candy. The Candy Club subscription package delivers premium candy to your doorstep each month, so that you don't have to pull over at a gas station on your way home from work to satisfy that sweets craving.

A Soft Pretzel Maker To Satisfy Salty Cravings

Bunn Nostalgia Soft Pretzel Factory, $23, Amazon

You no longer need to spend $100 on a baseball game ticket just to gain access to all that salty, chewy goodness. A soft pretzel maker is a great idea for parties, or even for a self-care Sunday to accompany a Netflix marathon. It's like a waffle maker, only better, because of all that salt, baby.

A Splurge-Worthy DIY Coffee Roaster

Behmor 1600 Plus Coffee Roaster, $329, Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting

If you love coffee, and you also happened to have just won the lottery, say hello to your new best friend.

A coffee roaster is the ultimate product of luxury for anyone who can't survive without a cup (or five) every day. I know this one's super expensive, but honestly, why not make it a new year resolution to save up enough money to spoil yourself with this sometime in 2018?

A Wine Decanter For The Smoothest Sip
Bella Vino

Bella Vino Wine Decanter, $30, Amazon

This wine decanter isn't just pretty to look at. It's also functional AF, as any wine connoisseur will tell you: Wine decanters work to increase oxygen exposure to wine, thus increasing the flavor, body, and characteristics (insert other wine buzzword here) of your glass of the good stuff.

Egg Rings For Perfect Eggs 24/7
Williams Sonoma

Egg Rings, $20, Williams Sonoma

Egg rings work to keep your egg perfectly contained, so that you can create Insta-worthy egg dishes all the time. Plus, look how cute those holders are! How do you possibly pass these up?

A Clear-View Toaster To Watch The Magic Happen
Elite Platinum

Elite Platinum Glass Sided Toaster, $40, Amazon

Is there anything more annoying than burning the last two pieces of bread you have and being sh*t out of luck with your breakfast? This toaster ensures you'll never have another piece of burnt toast again. Plus, does anyone else find it oddly comforting to watch something cook like this?

Show Your Fav Food Some Love With An Avocado Hugger
OXO Good Grips

OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer, $10, Amazon

Avocados are basically the nectar of the gods, so any product that allows you to eat them more efficiently is a good purchase in my book.

This baby efficiently cuts an avocado into slices and pulls out the seed in the middle, leaving you to enjoy all that smooth, creamy, nutritional goodness.

Butter Spray, Because Why Not?
squishedtomato on Twitter

Biem Standard Butter Spray, $129, Biem Butter Sprayer

This one's another splurge, but hey, if you can't stick butter into a cylinder and get a buttery mist out of it, are you really living life to its fullest potential?

This butter spray will ensure that you never mess up with your butter proportions ever again.