9 Gifts For the Foodie In Your Life Who's Always Whipping Up Something Special

by Julia Guerra

Every friend group has its own designated foodie. They’re the friend you invite over for dinner because somehow they can make a five-star meal from a can of beans and bag of stale corn chips. They’re the ones who live for the next big superfood fad, and you better believe their Instagram feed will feature the bruschetta Benedict they ordered at brunch. In my opinion, finding gifts for foodies around the holiday is super simple, because literally anything that’s edible or represents their appreciation for food is a solid win.

Trust me, I'm speaking from experience here. I've become that friend who is constantly playing with her food, experimenting with recipes, and posting my culinary, genius (OK, amateur-status) dishes on social media. (If you don't believe me, one of the top-tier items on my wishlist this year is literally just a gift card to Whole Foods.) And yes, I do get a kick out of graphic tees and sweatshirts that nod to anything avocado, peanut butter, and eating plants.

Here's a pro tip: Chances are, if your friend's a foodie, the research has already been done for you. Scroll through their social feed and Pinterest boards, take note of their favorite dishes and snacks, and go from there. Here are a few food-inspired presents to gift your foodie fanatic this holiday season, but if you're still unsure about what to buy, treating them to dinner or a latte is always an option, too!

A Salt Lamp To Keep Them Snoozing
Urban Outfitters

Himalayan Salt Lamp, $34, Urban Outfitters

Kind of like how lava lamps used to be cool and everyone had one stationed on their bedside table, Himalayan salt lamps are the "it" bedroom decor for foodies.

Himalayan pink salt absorbs water particles from the air, taking in the positive ions, and releasing cleansed water back into the air, which has a positive effect on your lungs, and therefore improves sleep quality. Plus, it makes for a Pinterest-worthy aesthetic, which is always a win.

A Plant-Based Cookbook

How To Cook Everything Vegetarian: Simple Meatless Recipes for Great Food, $30, Amazon

If you have a friend or loved one who's been experimenting with plant-based recipes, Mark Bittman's book is the bible for wannabe vegetarians.

My sister gifted me this volume for my birthday and let me tell you, it is the largest cookbook I have ever seen. With over 900 pages to flip through, How To Cook Everything Vegetarian isn't just a collection of recipes. It's also full of interesting facts and techniques about plant-based eating that prove to be super helpful in the kitchen.

A Tower of Chocolate
Dylan's Candy Bar

Sweet Treat Tower - Chocolate, $38, Dylan's Candy Bar

Dylan's Candy Bar has gifting under control if you're on the hunt for the perfect present for a foodie with a major sweet tooth.

This chocolate tower is 12 inches high, and loaded with goods like chocolate-covered pretzels and Oreos they can indulge in solo, or share with friends (aka you, duh).

A Guide To Emotional Eating

The Happiness Diet: Good Mood Food, $13, Amazon

Food is fuel, but it's also really emotional, and by that I mean we literally are what we eat, and that includes our moods, too!

How your gut is feeling depends on the foods you eat, and the gut is responsible for just about 90 percent of your serotonin (aka the feel-good hormones). This cookbook by Rachel Kelly discusses the right foods to eat, depending on your range of emotions. It's the perfect gift for a foodie who's not only obsessed with eats, but how they affect the body, too.

A Lot Of Matcha
David's Tea

Vanilla Matcha, $15, David's Tea

Matcha has definitely made its mark on 2017, and I'm willing to bet if you or someone you know is a foodie, this green powder has become a staple sip in the early mornings — or has, at the very least, made a cameo on the kitchen counter.

David's Tea's vanilla matcha blend is all-natural, made from stone-ground matcha, vanilla, and pure coconut nectar for a nutritiously sweet start to any day. Keep this pick in mind for friends who may be looking to ween themselves off multiple cups of coffee. Matcha has a ton of caffeine, with the bonus of several healthy benefits.

Endless Granola
Sakara Life

The Granola Collection, $48, Sakara Life

Chances are, your foodie friend loves sprinkling a handful (or two) of granola over their aesthetic smoothie bowls. The problem with this so-called "healthy" alternative to cereal, though, is that, depending on the ingredients, the sugar and carb content can be super high per serving.

This Sakara Life bundle is an absolute gem for foodies who are really into their breakfast. Featuring the brand's signature classic superfood, dark chocolate, and plant protein granolas, each bag is loaded with gut-friendly ingredients and tasty antioxidants to snack on.

A Yoga Mat That Knows What Matters

After This We're Getting Pizza Work It Out Exercise Mat, $32,

Pizza should have its own block on the food pyramid, don't you agree?

If your favorite foodie is partial to the oozy, cheesy goodness of that first out-of-the-box slice, this yoga mat from will speak to their soul, and give them motivation to finish their workout.

A Pretty Recipe Box
Kate Spade

Kate Spade Deco Dot Recipe Box, $30, Amazon

This polka-dot Kate Spade box sits pretty on top of my fridge, and I just adore it.

Open up the case, and you'll find specially marked folders that allow you to organize recipes by meal type and specialty items, like sauces, soups, and cocktails. Some foodies are snackers, others are obsessed with spending time in the kitchen. This is a great addition to their decor, as it's both functional and fashionable.

Something Comfy To Wear To Brunch

KeepLifeSimpleDesign Brunch Vibes Cropped Weekend Sweatshirt, $33, Etsy

If I've learned anything from my 26 years of life, it's that these two things are always on trend: brunch and cropped hoodies.

Your foodie friend is sure to get a ton of wear out of this rose gold sweatshirt that's comfy, cozy, and advertises the importance of waffles and eggs at noon on a Sunday.