10 Pictures Of Dog BFFs That'll Remind You Of You & Your Best Friend

Imagine you and your bestie living your best lives, enjoying the perfect day. It could be laying poolside in the tropics with frosé in hand, or maybe having a picnic in your favorite park. Either way, now that you've got a picture in your head, swap out you and your bestie for a pair of adorable pups. It's too cute, right? Seeing just one pup walking down the street brightens my entire day, but the sight of two dogs having a play date puts me in heaven. That's why pictures of dog best friends is just the greatest thing in the world.

Not only are there two adorable fluff balls to look at, but they are so happy to be spending time together. These pictures will instantly remind you of you and your BFF. Just look at the smiles on these 10 dogs' faces as they're hanging out with their favorite pup in the world. It's no wonder dogs are named man's best friend. They truly know how to be the greatest friends anyone can have, so consider me jealous that I'm not friends with these canines. I wonder if these besties need a third friend, and we can make it a totally awesome squad. That's the dream.

These Two Pups Have Matching BFF Bandanas
Kristine Weilert/Stocksy

I wonder if we can make matching bandanas the new BFF bracelet. Instead of wearing the yin and yang symbols, you and your BFF can stroll up to the beach together wearing the same bandana around your neck or in your hair. I think I might just have cop this look with my bestie. Thanks, dogs, for being fashion icons.

Watch Out — BFF Dog Coming In For A Landing
Luca Pierro/Stocksy

It's just another day in the dog park, where these two friends are playing. One pup is channeling his inner superhero, and flying in for a hug with his BFF. Either that, or he's trying to scare his friend who has hiccups.

Just Two Buds Soaking Up The Spring
Javier Pardina/Stocksy

These chihuahuas surrounded by flowers are totally ready for the spring. Not a daisy goes by where these two BFFs aren't hanging out and living life to its fullest. I think these friends are dandy-lions, and I love them tulip much.

These Besties Are Basically Asking For Us To Look At Them
averyvlasity on Twitter

A face that cute is hard enough to look at when it's just one dog, but three? I truly can't look away. This pup squad definitely knows how to roll up to a party, and have all eyes on them.

Just Look At The Way These Two Besties Look At Each Other
Milles Studio/Stocksy

I hope my BFF looks at me the same way these two dogs look at each other. That's real friendship right there. They also don't let their differences in size affect their friendship. Honestly, this is squad goals.

These Dogs Are Having A Howling Good Time Together
Stephen Morris/Stocksy

Life ain't ruff when you have friends like these two pups. In fact, when you have the greatest friend in the world, you want to shout it from the rooftops. Or in this case, bark it from the backyard.

These Friends Fur Real Look Fab
pennygros on Twitter

Just like you and your bestie share beauty secrets, I bet these two pups share grooming secrets with each other. How do they maintain those fab curls? Their fur is too beautiful, and I just want to pet them.

Sometimes, You Just Need A Chillaxing Sunday Spent With Your Bestie
Bruce and Rebecca Meissner/Stocksy

These two Boston terrier pups know that when it comes down to your best friend, you don't have to do anything. You could spend a day just being lazy and streaming Netflix, and it'll be the best day ever. It's because you have your BFF by your side that makes your day all the more better.

And The Winner For Cutest Bestie Duo Goes To...
Constanza Caiceo/Stocksy

I mean, hello. It's obvious that these two puppies are the cutest best friends you ever did see. They're like two tiny fluffs who just love being around each other. I can't handle it — it's way too much cuteness in one picture.

These BFFs Are Ready For The Holidays
Danil Nevsky/Stocksy

Best friends are like family members, so it just makes sense that you would want to spend holidays with them as well. These two pups are getting into the holiday spirit with their Santa hat and antlers. It truly is a present for us all to see.