10 People Reveal The Last Conversation They Had With Their Ex, & It’s So Intense

Having a conversation with an ex can be extremely unpleasant. Even if things ended on good terms, the final breakup convo can be a massively sad and emotionally charged downer. Below, 10 people revealed the last conversation they had with their ex, and their testimonies said so much about the dynamics of their relationships and why things didn't work out. Unfortunately, sometimes two people are better off apart, even when they're able to pinpoint how and why the issue(s) within the relationship arose.

According to Trina Leckie, breakup coach and host of the breakup BOOST podcast, the best way to part ways with an ex is to initiate an honest conversation. "The best thing you can do is sit down with them in person (no text breakups) and have a really kind, honest, and compassionate conversation with them," Leckie previously told Elite Daily. "Do your best to end things on good terms and then go no-contact after that so that both of you can have time and space away from the relationship, gain clarity, and start the healing process." Since committing to no-contact can take a difficult level of self-control, in some cases, communicating with exes can become an ongoing struggle. Whether the last convo with your ex was during your breakup or an awkward post-breakup check-in, you'll probably find these Redditor's experiences to be very relatable.

1. Even after time has passed, it's not too late for a heart-to-heart.

Sergey Narevskikh/Stocksy
Us apologizing to each other and acknowledging what happened to cause our breakup. He said he was sorry for treating me poorly and abandoning things. I apologized for acting like an entitled brat who didn't prioritize his feelings. We hadn't spoken in a year after a very rough breakup of our 3~ year relationship. It's really the only conversation/closure we've had since, but I think that's for the best maybe.


2. They might need a temporary shoulder to cry on.

Both of my most recent exes found me on social media and messaged me to say "hey" before dumping all of their current problems and disappeared after I had consoled them. I now have both of them blocked everywhere.


3. The person you love should want the best for you.

Her begging me to quit my PhD program and move in with her. Can probably say not doing that was the best decision of my life.


4. Things are OK now.

"It'll be ok." I think I said something like that when we had our final breakup conversation. At the time I think I said it partially believing it and partially just to make myself feel better, because I was really a mess. Looking back, it was an accurate thing to say - things are ok now.


5. They just wanted their stuff back. Relatable.

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i asked for my beanie back
no success


6. Honesty is so important.

"I have to go. And no, I don't forgive you and I don't think I ever will. You showed me exactly how much respect you had for me, and I will never forget that. Goodbye."
He was waiting around my house over 6 months after he had dumped me. I wanted to say something a lot nastier, but my mother was in earshot. He was begging to get back together with me.


7. This was a rollercoaster conversation.

I said way too much. From telling him I don't want to see him again and I hate him then saying I love him and I wanna meet him. They were texts and he never replied.


8. Ugh, this is sweet.

I don't remember because I deleted every trace of her and threw away the backups. I recommend it! But it was something along the lines of this, "Everything that you are, have been and will be, I have always loved."

— u/mangolaser

9. Whoa, two totally different wavelengths.

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I wished him the best, he wished me the worst.


10. This is so mature.

"I really do hope you are able to find someone who you are happy to be with. Bye."
It hurt a lot to say that because I still really wanted to be with her but she wasn't happy with the relationship and I truly want her to be happy even if it means not being with me.


Having a final conversation with an ex is rarely easy. However, if things aren't working out, then officially ending things might feel like a necessary part of the process. All you can do is be as communicative and honest as possible. Then, give yourself major props, because you're strong as hell.