Group of three diverse charming coquettes in dark masquerade elegant dresses, masks on eyes, smiling...

These Halloween Costumes At Target Range From Super Comfy To Super Creative

by Kelsi Zimmerman

Halloween is almost here, meaning the next time you take a trip to Target, you'll likely be on the lookout for a Halloween costume, in addition to all of the other things that you spontaneously throw in your cart. So if you're looking to shop the Halloween 2019 costumes at Target, then look no further as I've rounded up some of the best ones.

From plush onesies that double as comfy pajamas, to group costumes for the ultimate squad goals (or ghouls), to some of the sexiest costumes, Target has quite the range of ~lewks~ for Halloween.

So whether you're looking to get extremely creative, win that Halloween costume contest, or simply just need some sort of animal ears to throw on so you can go out with your friends, I've rounded up the best Halloween costumes and accessories that Target has to offer. The best part? They're all pretty affordable. Just another reason to love good ol' Tar Jay.

A Plush Unicorn

Move over unicorn hair and makeup, a plush unicorn costume is taking center stage this Halloween. Because why limit the majestic unicorn look to just your beauty beat when you can stroll around the whole evening in a costume as comfortable and cute as this one?

The Evil Queen From Snow White

If you're looking to channel your evil side this Halloween, you can do just that with this Evil Queen costume from the Disney movie Snow White. So go ahead, ask that magic mirror on the wall "who is the fairest of them all?" Because this Halloween, it's you in this costume.

Tinker Bell

If sassy is more your vibe this Hallow's Eve, then you should totally opt for this Tinker Bell costume. The two piece set comes with the lime green fairy dress and the fairy wings. Extra points go to the party-goer who carries around "fairy dust" (AKA glitter) and spreads it around all evening.

A Mouse, Duh.

According to Cady Heron, on Halloween, the hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears. So if you deem yourself hardcore, or that sounds right up your alley, then you can throw on these ears with your choice of lingerie for a night out.

A weiner

If anything, this hot dog costume will definitely be a conversation-starter at any Halloween party.

An elf

If you're someone who starts listening to Christmas music before Oct. 31, then you'll likely love the idea of dressing up as an elf for Halloween. This costume comes with booties, a hat, and of course, the elf dress.

An Oreo

If you're in a relationship that bonds over food, specifically Oreos, then you need to get your hands on this two-piece Oreo cookie costume for Halloween.

A dinosaur

If you want to make an entrance, then you'll probably do just that considering you'll likely knock over everything in your path when wearing this costume. But that's just the small price to pay for being the center of attention when you wear this inflatable t-rex number.

A Disney Princess

At every Halloween party there is always at least one person dressed up as a Disney princess. If Jasmine was your favorite princess growing up, then you can opt for this three-piece set from Target.

Hot Sauce

A Halloween costume roundup wouldn't be complete without the obligatory sexy costume, and honestly, what's hotter than hot sauce?

No matter what vibe you're going for this Hallow's eve, Target definitely has you covered in the costume department. So hurry over to your local Target store or to cop your Halloween costume (and a whole bunch of other goodies that you probably don't need).