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10 Instagram Live Trivia Night Themes Your Friends Will Totally Love

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It seems like every day you receive a notification that one of your friends is "going live" on Instagram. At any time of the day, you can easily go "live" yourself and do a Q&A with your bestie or show off your favorite recipes in the kitchen. If you want to get your entire crew involved, hosting a game night with different Instagram Live trivia night themes is the way to go.

The best part about Instagram Live is that you really can invite every person you know who is on the 'Gram. That includes your long-distance BFFs and family back home. So, instead of going out to your favorite pub for a trivia night, you can play the part of emcee and host a virtual one yourself. Since you're in control, you can pick a really fun theme.

Go with a TV show you and your friends love to watch over and over again like Friends or Gilmore Girls, or something like geography that's right up your wanderlust-filled friends' alley. Choose a theme that's super broad or very specific. It's totally up to you, but if you need some inspiration on where to start, you can alway go with any of these 10 trivia night themes.

A 'Harry Potter' Theme For Wizarding World Fans

Get every wizard and muggle together for one epic night of Harry Potter trivia. Test your friends' wizarding world knowledge by quizzing them on different spells, potions, characters, and movie facts. A great prize for the winner can be a bag of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans or bragging rights around the common room.

A 'Gilmore Girls' Theme That Covers All Of Stars Hollow

If you and your friends rewatch the Gilmore Girls series at least once a year, it's time to put on your best flannel and backwards baseball cap for a Gilmore Girls trivia night. There are so many fun characters and pop culture references in every episode that you'll have plenty to pull from when coming up with questions. Just don't forget to yell, "Oy with the poodles already" whenever someone gets a question right.

A 'Friends' Theme Full Of Your Favorite Moments

Gather up your friends for a night of Friends trivia. You can even recreate your very own Central Perk setup as emcee on your couch with some coffee when you're broadcasting live. Include memorable quotes and episodes in each one of your questions.

An Oscar Movie Theme For All Your Film-Obsessed Friends

If your friends love movies, having an Oscar-worthy night is always a fun idea. Ask questions about specific Oscar-winning movies and memorable show moments. You and your friends can even have fun with this one by dressing up for the event like you're about to walk the red carpet.

A Geography Theme For Anyone With Major Wanderlust

A geography theme is especially great if you have a lot of friends who love to travel, because you can ask questions about places they've been to before. It's also a great way to use all that research you've done on destinations you want to travel to, and repurpose those facts into questions to ask.

A Disney Theme That Covers The Movies, Parks, And Songs

Who doesn't love Disney? Even if you've never been to the parks, you likely know a lot of the animated movies from your childhood, so everyone can get in on this fun theme. Since Disney is such a broad topic, you can get as specific or generic as you'd like. Have different rounds that cover the animated movies, classic songs, and then, the theme parks.

A '90s Music Theme For A Nostalgic-Filled Evening

Go with a '90s theme if you're feeling nostalgic, and include a few Britney Spears and *NSYNC songs in the mix. Award one point if they know just the name of the song or the artist, and two points if they correctly guess both.

A Squad-Only Theme To Test Your Besties

If it's just you and your friends playing, you can get super specific for a squad-only theme. Ask questions about funny inside jokes you remember or your favorite memories together. You can even pick a different friend to feature each round, and only ask questions about them for something unique and different.

'The Office' Theme With A Dundie Prize

You've rewatched The Office about a million times on Netflix, so you can quote the entire thing if you really tried. Since you're basically the world's best (trivia) boss, you might as well have a night dedicated to everyone who works at Dunder Mifflin. First prize gets their very own Dundie, and last prize gets their stapler in jello.

A 'Star Wars' Theme That's Out Of This World

Journey to "a galaxy far, far away" for a Star Wars trivia night. Ask questions about all the movies and TV shows, or just dedicate a whole night to your favorite character: Baby Yoda. Bonus points go to whoever can rock those Princess Leia buns the best.

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