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10 Insta Pictures To Take In Your Tie-Dye That Are Totally Out Of This Swirl

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The tie-dye trend isn't disappearing anytime soon, which means you're sure to see colorful sweatsuits, socks, and cropped shirts on your IG feed well into fall. Your friends will pose in crewnecks at the skate park or post tutorials of how they bleached a pair of socks to have a cosmic-looking twist on Reels. In turn, you'll want to recreate some of these Instagram ideas for pictures in tie-dye that are totally out of this swirl.

You may toss on your favorite pair of pink and blue tie-dye shorts along with your go-to sunglasses, and head out to your backyard where your tripod is set up. When the sun goes behind a cloud, you'll turn on your self-timer so you can score a well-lit and well-posed photo that shows you lounging in a hammock or kicking your feet up in the air. The final photo will give off a relaxed vibe — much like the tie-dye look you're sporting — and serve as #inspo for your followers who want to show off their trendy outfits, too.

Not to mention, these snaps will be the perfect transition from summer to fall on your Instagram feed — from the photos you posted of bright blue waves and fashionable beach umbrellas, to the ones you'll post of pumpkins, corn mazes, and fall leaves. Don't wait another second to create these 10 pictures in tie-dye. They're on-trend, clever, and totally out of this swirl.

The "Is This A Fashion Magazine?" Picture
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Now's the time to strike a pose in your tie-dye like you're on the cover of a high fashion magazine. It can be taken in your basement or against an empty wall in your garage. You'll want to sport your favorite tie-dye crewneck and boots while sitting on bar stool that screams, "I am chic." Put a touch of glitter under your eyes to make this pic truly sparkle.

The "You Can Craft With Me" Picture

You may have bought your tie-dye pieces from Urban Outfitters or a local boutique. But, it's very likely that you made the colorful T-shirt you wear on the reg right at home. Pose for a picture while crafting your tie-dye look. Snap a close-up of your hands in action, while putting the rubber bands around your shirt or squirting the dye onto your tee.

The "I Feel Chill" Picture

This time of the year when summer turns to fall, is typically when you want to wind down and get cozy. You might opt to spend your weekends in a cozy sweatshirt while reading in your backyard, as opposed to active days at the beach. Capture those chill times with this picture. Pose in a hammock or patch of shade with a book and an iced Pumpkin Spice Latte, while showing off your favorite tie-dye sweats.

The "Skateboards And Swirls" Picture

Tie-dye is a trend that's back in business. Your IG picture can be an ode to growing up in the '90s. Pose on a skateboard in your tie-dye and hold a disposable camera up to your eye. Once you've got the shot, add a lot of grain to it and a funky film frame in your go-to editing apps to show you're even cooler now than you were back then.

The "This Outfit Is Working Out" Picture
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Every good workout starts with a cute outfit, right? You swear that's the case, which is why you should do yoga, pilates, or a full body workout in your matching tie-dye set. Give the 'gram an action shot, and have your roommate snap a pic as you do a difficult pose or stretch your hamstrings. Add a home workout caption to the picture before tapping "share."

The "What Should I Wear?" Picture

Break out your rolling rack for this picture idea and hang up all of your tie-dye pieces on white, wooden hangers. Place a leafy plant next to the rolling rack, and pretend to sift through your options as if you were asking, "What should I wear?" When the camera snaps, it should capture a very boutique-like photo for your IG feed.

The "Summer Camp Vibes" Picture

Growing up, you may have worn tie-dye to your summer camp on themed days or just 'cause. Recreate that magic of running around a soccer field in an oversized, homemade T-shirt right in your backyard. Kick around a ball with your roommate, and even set up a capture-the-flag game. Have your followers drop their favorite childhood summer memories in the comments.

The "All Kinds Of Colorful" Picture

The tie-dye pieces in your closet aren't the only pops of color you own. There might be rainbow-inspired beach umbrellas in your car trunk, gigantic lollipops tucked away in your pantry, and pool floats you recently bought that are shaped like flamingos or pineapples.

Pull all of those items out and toss them in your backyard for this picture. Prop up a lawn chair right in the middle of everything, and pose for the camera while sitting in a sea of summer items and color.

The "Running Away To A Cottage" Picture

Your tie-dye look can combine with your love for Taylor Swift's folklore album with this picture idea. It requires you to stand in a grassy field while wearing a long skirt or cardigan. Complete the cottagecore look with a perfectly pastel piece of tie-dye, whether that's a cami or head scarf. You can caption this magical photo with a lyric from "cardigan" or "the last great american dynasty."

The "Here For The Swirls" Picture

Last but not least is this picture idea that's tasty and stylish. It starts with you rocking your most vibrant tie-dye look, and then jet-setting to an ice cream shop. There, you will have to order a soft serve cone which, of course, stays on the swirl trend. Hold up your cone while cheesing big for the camera, creating a pose that's really out of this swirl.