10 Instagram Captions For Thanksgiving Engagements That Show How Thankful You Feel

The holidays are for taking a break from crazy hectic work or school schedules, enjoying some delicious food, and spending time with friends and family. It's such a celebratory time that some couples like to add the cherry on top by getting engaged during this time. Many couples choose to propose to their significant others during holidays to make the special occasion even more special, and it's also convenient, since family is likely gathered to celebrate with you. After the proposal comes the brainstorming for the perfect picture to post. When brainstorming Instagram captions for Thanksgiving engagements, you'll want something that matches you and your SO just right.

In between the chaos of actual Thanksgiving meal, the likely mayhem of the proposal and constant celebrations after that, you may not have time to sit down and really brainstorm what Instagram caption you want to go with. No fears, I'm here to help you out with that. You should decide what kind of mood you're going for: Do you want to play with the whole giving thanks part of the holiday? Do you want to reference food? Do you want to stick to a more general autumnal vibe? After that, you can easily pinpoint the caption you want by adjusting to that mood. Read on below for some Instagram captions I thought out just for you and your Thanksgiving engagement post.

Focus on being thankful.

As it is the holiday season after all, many people do focus on being thankful in general. But since you got engaged, you may want to make the central aspect of your Instagram engagement caption how thankful you are of your partner.

  • "I have another reason to be grateful this year."
  • "Adding this one to all of the things I'm giving thanks for."
  • "Grateful I'm marrying [significant other's name]. I said yes!"
You could go with a food pun.

It's Thanksgiving, and a huge part of the holiday is food. You could play with that for your engagement caption, especially if you and your SO bond big time over enjoying meals together.

  • "Full of great food, great times, and smiles since I just said yes to this one."
  • "The 🍎 of my eye just asked me to marry 'em. Best dessert I could've asked for."
  • "Move over pumpkin pie, this one topped ya in the 'sweet' category."
  • "Stuffed with all the love in the world. Spending the rest of my life with this one."
Or you could go for a general fall caption.

Not a huge fan of the Thanksgiving holiday? Don't worry, you can still come up with an adorable caption that still feels festive and seasonal.

  • "Leafing single life behind forever. 🍂🍁"
  • "Falling in love with [fiancé(e)'s name] all over again after their proposal today. 💍"
  • "Like it or 🍂 it, you're stuck with me forever now! 😂"

After you choose your picture and caption, feel free to post whenever you want, and go back to enjoying your new engagement with your partner, friends, and family. Social media will be there for you to come back to, but this time in your life only happens once, so you'll probably want to soak it all in for the time being.