10 Gifts For 'Riverdale' Fans That Will Put Some Jingle Jangle In Their Holidays

If you have a TV fanatic in your family or friend group, then chances are they are hooked on Riverdale. The CW's dark, campy murder mystery adaptation of the Archie comic book series has pretty much everyone hooked, which is what makes it the perfect source for all the gift-giving ideas you're looking for this holiday season. When you are thinking over what to get your friends and family this Christmas, look no further than these awesome Riverdale gifts that any fan would kill for. I mean, not like "Black Hood kill," at least I hope not...

Thankfully, Riverdale has become such a popular and buzzy show that there is no shortage of cool, cute, and creative merch online that will help you show off your love for Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones, and the rest of the town. And no, you don't have to be as rich as Cheryl Blossom to be able to afford all the sweet Riverdale swag out there — you just have to know where to look. And that is where the below list comes in: Whether you are looking to rock a Riverdale Vixens T-shirt like Cheryl or put on Jughead's iconic beanie for yourself, look no further than these fun and affordable Riverdale gift ideas.

1. Riverdale Bulldogs Hoodie ($30)

Prep Sportswear

Show your Riverdale High pride by rocking a Bulldogs-approved school hoodie, available from Prep Sportswear for $30. The site also has a bunch of other cool Riverdale Bulldogs insignia's to choose from.

2. Southside Serpents Hoodie ($29)


Or maybe you connect more with the Southside gangs than the Riverdale High preps. Rep the Southside Serpents with this hoodie fit for Jughead Jones himself, available from Etsy for $29.

3. Riverdale Vixens Shirt ($19)

Hot Topic

Riverdale Vixens Shirt, $27, Hot Topic

Live out the full Cheryl Blossom fantasy with this T-shirt made specifically for Riverdale High's cheer squad, the Vixens. Hot Topic is selling them for $27.

4. Pop's Chock'Lit Shoppe Shirt ($20)


Pops Chock'Lit Shoppe Shirt, $17, Cafe Press

There's nowhere more iconic to Riverdale fans than Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead's favorite hangout, Pop's Chock'Lit Shoppe. Get this tee in various colors from CafePress for $17.

5. Riverdale iPhone Cases ($25)


Riverdale iPhone Case, $25, Redbubble

Show your love for Riverdale every time you whip out your phone with one of the many cool iPhone cases available on RedBubble for $25.

6. Jughead's Crown Beanie ($17)

Hot Topic

Jughead Beanie, $16, Hot Topic

Probably the most iconic items of clothing from Riverdale is the crown-shaped beanie that Jughead is always wearing. You can get the cap for yourself or a friend for just $17 from Hot Topic.

7. Core Four Mug ($10)


Core Four Mug, $10, Cafe Press

Start your mornings off with four good friends. This mug is available from CafePress for $10. You can also get the design in larger sized mugs or travel thermoses.

8. Riverdale Pilot Autographed Script ($18)


Do you know a hardcore Riverdale fan who might want a piece of the hit show for his or herself? Etsy is selling copies of the show's pilot script autographed by stars KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, and Cole Sprouse.

9. Riverdale Pins ($2)


Show your Riverdale spirit with a literal badge of fandom honor. These pins available on Etsy feature a ton of fun designs based on different characters and quotes from the show.

10. Bughead Hoodie ($30)


Riverdale Sweatshirt, $20, Cafe Press

Will you go down with this ship? The most popular relationship on Riverdale is definitely the tortured romance between Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper, which has been dubbed Bughead by diehard fans. If you or someone you know is a total Bughead stan, then this light hoodie from CafePress is a must-have. You can also get the design as a T-shirt.