10 Free Dates You Can Take Your Partner On That Are Actually Super Fun

by Alison Segel

Living is expensive, and for the most part, a good chunk of us are freelancers who make minimum wage. Additionally, as millennials, we are apparently spending all of our money on avocado toast and will never be able to afford houses. So how can we afford to court our crushes we meet on dating apps? Seems impossible. So most likely, you're in need of some free dates to take your partner on, so you can keep the romance very romantic but stay well within your budget.

Some of the best dates I've ever been on have been free. Once, I met a guy at a lake at night. He brought a bottle of booze in a brown paper bag, and we spent the night talking about our childhoods. In hindsight, he was a complete stranger I met on a dating app, and he wanted to meet me at night in a remote location, so this was probably not the smartest idea to agree to on my part. But nevertheless, it was a fun free date.

I've also gone to art museums on free-admit day with a sketch pad and hot artsy boys and spent the day drawing and getting to know one another. It's like a date out of a cool indie movie! Free, flirtatious, and fun.

So here are some zero-cash hang outs to take your partner on. Because money can't buy you love. Or it shouldn't, at least.

1. Drawing In The Park

If you want to have a romantic and sensual date, then bring sketchpads to a park and draw your crush. If you're worried that your picture might end up looking more like a caricature, then try drawing a still life or the scenery instead. Getting your creative juices flowing will probably help the conversation flow, too. And if you're not good at art, don't worry. Some bad sketches will probably make for some good LOLs, too.

2. Read To Each Other In The Library

Is being read to weird? I don't know. Maybe it's kind of cool. Pick out your favorite books from the library, cozy up in a cute corner, and spend an afternoon reading to your crush. This is a particularly cute date if it's gloomy and/or raining outside.

3. Go To A Free Concert

If you look in your local newspaper or check online (do newspapers exist anymore?) then you'll likely find free concerts listed for all your nearby bars and venues in town. Why not check one out? The only thing you'll have to pay for is drinks. And if you're extra sneaky, you can probably sneak a flask in or something. Just don't say I told you to do that.

4. Explore A Museum On Free Admittance Day

Most museums have a free admittance day where you can tour the venue without charge. Find out which day that is, and spend a day learning something new with your crush. It'll make you seem super smart and stuff, and the exhibits give you built-in things to talk about, which is always convenient for if things get awkward.

5. Find A Court And Play Basketball

This date is not only active, but it can also get pretty handsy. Play a game of HORSE, try to dunk on your partner, or just get really up close and personal while you're on defense. Maybe swoop in for a kiss. I don't know. I don't know how sports work!

6. Go To Ice Cream Shops And Get Free Samples

A fun and annoying thing to do for a free date is to go into local candy and ice cream shops in your area and ask for free samples. Stop when you're full! This is fun for you and your crush (but kind of horrible for all the employees and other people waiting in line for food).

7. Take A Hike

I once went on a hike for a first date and was so out of shape that I almost had a heart attack. But if you're active and don't fear being sweaty, this is a great date for you, and thankfully, nature is free of charge (for now).

8. Go To A Dog Park (If You Have A Dog... Otherwise, That's Weird)

Walking your dog is always a great date idea if you're hard pressed to think of activities to do. Plus, who doesn't love puppies and cute animals? If your crush doesn't, they might be a sociopath. Better to find that out sooner rather than later!

9. Visit Art Galleries

Thankfully, most art galleries are free, and they also give you easy topics to gab about. It's a great and creative way to spend an afternoon, and your crush will probably be impressed by the choice in activity.

10. Head To The Beach

This way, you get to see your date partially naked from the get-go. Hell yeah. The only negative thing: sand in all your nooks and crannies.

Free dates are the best dates because you have to be creative with your partner. So if you're looking for something fun and out of the box to do, try one of these activities with your crush. Because keeping things free is the best way to flirt.

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