This Is The Cheapest Day Of The Summer To Fly If You're Running Low On Cash

Do you want to go somewhere this summer despite a dwindling bank account?

Before you spend what's left of your not-for-bills funds on expensive lunches and lattes, consider this: You can book an extra cheap plane ticket if you stick to "magic dates," aka the most inexpensive days of the year to fly.

FYI: In the summertime, the magic happens on August 21 for flights to and from the U.S. and Europe and on August 22 for domestic flights.

On these glorious — and very specific dates — those with a case of wanderlust can expect to find really low rates in an otherwise expensive season to fly, because they mark fall's start in the airline industry.

Airfare is inherently cheaper in the fall, so that's why we're able to enjoy lower rates in the final weeks of summer, which doesn't end IRL until Sept. 22.

"When children go back to school, demand takes a dive which prompts the airlines to lower their fares,"'s CEO, Ricky Seaney, explained in an article he wrote for USA Today.

Those of us looking to runaway to an Instagram-worthy locale before the leaves start falling can thus cash in on the deals on and after those two very important dates in August.

How much are we talking here?

Seaney said,

This varies quite a bit depending on departure and destination cities, and whether routes are non-stops or connections, but generally you can save an average of 11 percent to 20 percent over summer ticket prices.

Perhaps you're thinking, "What if I want to go somewhere right now, in July?"

In a dream world, that would be an affordable option, too. But it is not.

In fact, July is the most expensive summer travel month, according to Cheap Air. They note on their website beside a handy calendar outlining the best (and worst) dates to book,

Sundays in July (the most expensive month to travel all summer) should be avoided if you're on a budget.

Okay then.

See you on the budget travel sites next month!