You Need These Non-Basic Accessories To Dominate Festival Season In Style

The clocks have changed, spring is about to debut, and all signs point to festival season creeping up just around the corner. Those warmer vibes summon multiple iconic festivals that gather thousands of eager fans and dozens of amazing artists, depending on which one you attend. Festival season is basically a culture, and even by looking at pictures, you can tell there's one underlying theme — it's essential to live it the hell up. People aren't embarking on some of the best moments of their life all willy-nilly, though. Gearing up with festival season essentials will make the experience so much better, and let's be real — those pictures will be captivating.

Attending a festival is on so many people's bucket list because the overall vibes are carefree, artistic, dynamic and most importantly, having the time of your life. People from all around the world attend festivals, and you inevitably meet many of them just by walking around. You might hear people refer to their group as a festival family or crew because the whole experience promotes unity and connections.

And the clothes? Over the years, certain items have become iconic. In fact, many accessories and clothes have carved their way onto the list of things that are expected at a festival. You'd be smart to cop yourself a few or more this year.

A Pineapple Print Mini Backpack

Half Pint Mini Backpack, $25, Jansport

Print is everything when it comes to festivals. It helps you stand out and makes your outfit even more memorable. You're also going to need something to tote your few essential things around. A mini print backpack is your calling card. These pineapples are so precious and bring on the summer vibes perfectly.

A Hippyland Fanny Pack

Hippyland Fanny Pack, $25, Jansport

Not super into having too many straps? A fanny pack will be your BFF, and you cannot beat this adorable navy blue, floral print. It screams desert party and you will still have all of your mobility to dance the weekend away. Fanny packs are the epitome of beneficial downsizing.

A Pair Of Fringe Sandals
Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita Celaya Sandals, $120, Dolce Vita

Your feet deserve to soak up those rays during your full days at a festival. Giving them a little extra flare with some fringe will keep you away from basic sandals. Festival season has to resonate from your head to your toes. These sandals will really complete your overall look.

Desert Rose Glitter

DiscoEyes Desert Rose Biodegradable Glitter, $18, iHeartRaves

Glitter is practically a lifestyle when it comes to festival season. This shade underneath the sun is going to give major enchanting vibes. Also, because of the organic aloe gel, expect more to get on your face rather than on your finger... and getting it off won't be a struggle.

A Pink Rose Print Romper

Rose Printed Pink Plunging Romper, $36, Tobi

If you haven't caught on quite yet, festivals are all about releasing your inner flower child. Floral everything is appropriate. This shade of a romper would pair so well with a nude lipstick and a pair of glittery sandals.

A Crochet Top

Crochet Top-Phoebe, $37, Etsy

Crochet tops bring on the Coachella feels, but they are absolutely adorable at any festival you wear one to. Crochet gives you the ability to experiment with different colors and patterns. They are also pretty simple and convenient to put on. Pair yours with a flowy maxi skirt or a pair of high-waist shorts, and you'll be set to slay.

Unicorn Tears Lipstick

Too Faced La Creme Lipstick 'Unicorn Tears', $37, Amazon

No one forgets the vibrant colors of a unicorn, and that's why your lips should rock it. Unicorn colors have no problem finding their way into the festival season. Unicorns represent that need to be unique and stylish.

A Half-Sleeve Ruffle Top
Christian Omeshun

Dana Ruffle Top, $65, Christian Omeshun

This color is going to complement those sunny days so well. It's fresh, vibrant, and because of the off-the-shoulder look, you can dance like there's no tomorrow. You probably won't find too many people rocking this unique shade, so own it!

A Gold Body Chain

Double Layer Chain Bralette, $35, Etsy

Body chains take on a totally new persona when they are paired with crop tops, shorts, rompers, or spring and summer attire in general. The idea of a body chain might sound constricting, but they're usually pretty light. They really have the potential to make an outfit so much more trendy. Accessories in general always pull an outfit together.

Pink Tinted Cat Eye Sunglasses

Quay Australia Every Little Thing Cat Eye Sunglasses With Pink Tinted Lens, $16, Asos

A pair of stylish shades is a must-have for attending any part of festival season. The sun is out, and instead of having to squint at your favorite performer, you can remain wide-eyed and bushy-tailed behind a cute set of sunglasses. You can't go wrong with pink anything.

Festival season is a time to really live it up and enjoy an event you've been anticipating for months. Your outfit embodies who you are, so make sure you're showing everyone what you're all about.