4 Pairs Of Shoes That'll Get You Through Festival Season, No Matter Your Style

by Emily Arata

What's that? The jingling of oversize hoop earrings and the quiet whisper of fringe swaying in the breeze? The thumping bass of a Major Lazer song? It must be music festival season. Coachella was months ago, but we've still got dozens of concerts to go before we safely enter the fall.

While you're preparing to camp outside and ingest definitely-not-safe drugs, take a care for the poor body you're exposing to hours of sun, sweat and noise. The fun of festival season is running wild, but that's no excuse to subject your feet to uncomfortable shoes for hours at a time.

Whether you're headed to Summer Set (shout out to my Midwesterners) or Electric Zoo (shout out to my New Yorkers), there's a stylish, comfortable shoe for every style.

If you're going for Kendall Jenner-chic, lace up strappy sandals.

Nasty Gal

Buy: Jeffrey Campbell She Can Hang Suede Sandal, $108

Music festivals are for adults what Halloween is for children: a chance to play dress-up without any judgement. If you're aiming to show off supermodel-long legs like Kendall Jenner's, dramatic lace-up sandals are key. Pair these with a super-short dress or cut-offs.

Want to look like a professional style blogger? Espadrilles are your best bet.


Buy: Soludos Platform Smoking Slipper, $65

Soludos famously sends espadrilles to the who's-who of influencers and bloggers, so you've probably seen them all over Instagram this summer. They're understated but playful, with a durable (read: easy to wipe off later) fabric upper and flat sole. If you're trying to get noticed, these are a good bet.

If Vanessa Hudgens is your spirit animal and you can say that without rolling your eyes, studded boots are the way to go.

Nasty Gal

Buy: Jeffrey Campbell Calhoun Suede Ankle Boot, $135

Former “High School Musical” heroine Hudgens is widely-known for her adoration of all and any music festivals, including Coachella. She does the thing right, decorating her entire body in gemstones, temporary tattoos and enough fringe to make Cher jealous. If you're into her aesthetic, flashy western-style boots are the way to go.

Is dad-fashion the name of the game? Retro Adidas sneakers are a sure pick.


Buy: Adidas Originals Black And White Court Vantage Trainers, $78

Sometimes, you have to say screw it and leave your wedges at the door. Adidas kicks are back in a big way, especially since they're currently being pushed by both Kate Moss and Kylie Jenner. Never thought you'd see those two names in the same line, did you?