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10 Family Traditions At Disneyland That'll Honestly Never Grow Old

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There are some things that'll never get old, like spending time with your loved ones and going on vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth. It's actually at Disneyland where you can make some of the best memories in between riding Splash Mountain and enjoying Mickey-shaped ice cream. For a crew that likes to go to the parks, you probably even have some family traditions at Disneyland that'll forever hold a special place in your heart.

To your family, Disneyland may feel like a second home. You can always count on the mountains — Splash, Space, and Matterhorn — to provide all the thrills, the castle to serve as the prettiest backdrop for your family pictures, and the welcoming aroma of popcorn coming from every food cart you pass.

Your family loves Disney so much, you may even have a long list of things you always have to do whenever you visit the park. You know them as your must-dos. These are your Disneyland vacation traditions, and they may look very similar to these 10 things to do in the park. It's the familiar fun you have together that makes all your memories over the years that much more magical.

Recreating The Same Photo Over The Years
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When your entire family's together, a group photo is crucial. Recreating a picture that's special to you year after year is a fun way to remember how much you've grown. It even gives you a great side-by-side pic to Insta.

Convincing The Whole Family To Rock Matching T-Shirts

If you have a big group and want to keep track of everyone throughout the vacay, wearing matching shirts is the easiest way to do that. You probably already have some matching tees you always wear, but there are also cute and new Disney-related shirts on Etsy you'll want to add to your cart ASAP.

Playing The Same Games While You're Waiting In Line

When it comes to Disney, you can expect to wait in more than a few lines. However, the time flies by when you're having fun. That's why you like to play some line games like charades or Heads Up! It gets the whole family involved, and has probably given you some really good inside jokes over the years.

Having That One Special Food Item You Never Want To Share

Disney is known for their tasty treats like popcorn, pretzels, and ice cream. Everything is delicious and Insta-worthy. That's why there's always that one food item that's an instant must-have when you get to the park.

Listening To An Epic Playlist On The Drive There And Back

Your family traditions begin even before you enter the park. You have a playlist full of Disney songs to jam out to on the ride there and back. The best part is belting out "Part of Your World" like you're Ariel.

Going To A Character Breakfast
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Kicking off your Disneyland getaway by going to a Character Breakfast is the way to do it. While you enjoy as many Mickey waffles as your heart desires, you and your family are greeted by beloved Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie. It's the best place to grab some silly photos of your family all together.

Trying Something New Every Time

Disneyland is always changing and expanding with new rides and menu items. You always make it your mission to try something different. The next time you go, it might be a new treat you saw on Instagram, or perhaps the brand new Star Wars ride, Rise of the Resistance.

Watching The Fireworks From "Your Spot"

The fireworks are a Disneyland must. It's the perfect way to end a magical trip with your loved ones. Since you have a favorite spot to watch the show, your family always makes sure to camp out early so you can get it.

Playing A Game With The Hidden Mickeys

There are so many hidden Mickeys throughout the park. Every time you see three circles grouped together to look like Mickey Mouse, you've found yourself a hidden Mickey.

It's fun spotting them all over Disneyland, so you might make it like a scavenger hunt and point them out to each other. You may even get competitive and see who can spot the most during your trip.

Making Sure Everyone Gets To Go On Their Favorite Ride

Each one of your family members may have their favorite Disneyland ride. Whatever the top picks might be, you make sure to ride every single one of them. That way everyone gets in on the fun.

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