10 Fairy Tale Moments Millennials Would Love To Experience IRL (Don't Even Deny It)

Watching Disney as a kid put a lot of fantastical thoughts in my head. I can't be the only person who thought their pet could carry on a full conversation with them, and sang songs all the time thinking everyone else around me would join in and dance. (Don't even get me started on what I thought my hair could and couldn't do.) Unfortunately, Disney movies aren't real life, but that doesn't stop our nostalgic hearts from forever dreaming. There are days when you really wish certain fairy tale moments you want to happen in real life would just magically come true.

Of course, you and I both know that they're just fictional movies, but we can still imagine the "what if" possibilities. It's a fact that every Disney princess has major wardrobe and hair goals, and you likely fantasize what it would be like if magic really did exist. (I don't want to snap myself back to reality, and that's probably why I love going to Disneyland so much.)

I will admit that I have to set some more realistic goals for myself, but at times, I can still imagine snapping my fingers and having these 10 things come true. If you want these to be true as well, you can just keep on wishing on the first star you see tonight and every night that follows, and hope that a miracle can happen.

Any Excuse To Get Dressed Up Cinderella-Style, And Rock A Pair Of Glass Slippers

I love any excuse to break out my most formal attire, so naturally, I would love to wear glass slippers. Of course, when you really stop and think about actually wearing a pair of glass stilettos, it sounds super painful, but Cinderella didn't flinch one bit. They're magical, after all, and what better accessory to make you feel like royalty?

Having Ariel's Mermaid Hair That Looks Glam In And Out Of The Water

Ariel not only had amazing hair underwater, but the minute she splashed on shore, her mane looked glam AF. Whenever I try to recreate the "Part of Your World" rock scene from the movie, my hair looks like a hot mess all over the place. It's pretty hilarious.

Being #Blessed With A Fairy Godmother Who Uses Her Wand To Hook You Up With A Sweet Ride
Leka Sergeeva/Shutterstock

I'd love having a fairy godmother around to help me pick out an outfit, just like Cinderella. Figuring out what to wear holds me back almost every time from going out on a Friday night with my friends. If I was blessed with a fairy godmother who hooked me up with a dress that looks amazing, in addition to a sweet ride, I'd be set.

Being Able To Talk To Animals
Tatiana Chekryzhova/Shutterstock

I talk to my cat every single day, and she never responds. If only she could talk back to me, my life would actually be complete. She'd also be the best companion helping me get ready in the morning, just like the birds from Cinderella.

Spontaneous Musical Moments Happening On The Daily

When Belle went into town, the people sang. It looked like so much fun. Anytime I try to make a spontaneous musical moment happen, I end up completely embarrassing myself. (If only I could carry a tune.)

Being Able To Do A Quick Change Like Elsa

During the "Let It Go" musical scene in Frozen, Elsa was able to change her entire outfit and take down her hair into this amazing braid without a pause. I wish my quick changes were that seamless. If I want to switch up my 'do, it usually ends up going from down to a messy bun (major emphasis on the messy).

Having The Wind Blow Perfectly Through Your Hair Like A Princess
Claudia K/Shutterstock

Having the wind blow through your hair ever-so-perfectly that you could snap a great candid at any moment? Now that's fairy-tale worthy. It's what I imagine I look like on a windy day, but the reality is always just a bunch of hair getting stuck in my lip gloss and mouth.

Going On A Magic Carpet Ride For A Date
Lipik Stock Media/Shutterstock

Let's be real here: All dates pale in comparison to Aladdin's magic carpet ride for Jasmine. He showed her the world — on a magic flying carpet! I consider myself real lucky if a guy offers to pay for my dinner.

Being Able To Wake Up Without Any Bed Head Like Aurora

Every morning, I wake up with my hair all over the place. I may have went to sleep with a nice, beautiful braid, but by the morning, it's out and my bangs are defying gravity. I wish I could just open my eyes and look downright fabulous — sans the bed head — just like Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

Having Rapunzel's Long Hair That Helps And Doesn't Get In The Way

In my opinion, Rapunzel clearly takes the cake for having the best Disney hair. First of all, it's magic and heals people. Second of all, it's long and never gets tangled. It's even strong enough to swing her around trees. I bet you she's never even dealt with split ends.