10 Experience Gifts For A Long Weekend That Your Partner Will Absolutely Love

One of the best things in life is going on a mini adventure with someone you love. Yes, staying in and cuddling while watching a movie is comfortable, cozy, and nice, but do it too often and the days will start blending together. So it’s important not just for the quality of your lives, but to keep things fresh, to add some new experiences to share together to your schedule. With the MLK holiday right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to consider experience gifts for a long weekend to surprise your partner with.

Is there something they're always saying they'd like to try? Is there something you've always wanted to do that you know they would be game for? There's no time like the present to make it happen. However, what if you love the idea of an experience gift, but you’re not sure what to do? Well, no worries, because there are a ton of options out there. Maybe you want something romantic to really connect with bae. Maybe you need a little more excitement or just want to have a good laugh together. Or maybe it’s rest and relaxation that you really need, just with a change of scenery. If this all sounds amazing in theory, but you're stumped on what to actually do, here are 10 experience gift ideas to help inspire you.

1. Book A Romantic Spa Package For Two

If what you both really need is to relax, you can't beat a relaxing spa day together. Book the couples massages, facials, sauna... the works! Just see if you don't have the most amazing time reconnecting.

2. Surprise Them With Tickets To An Amusement Park

Think you're too grown up for an amusement park? Wrong! There's no such thing as being too grown up for a day of roller coasters, carnival games, and junk food.

3. Rent A Dream Car And Go On A Road Trip

If you’re craving the glam life but are on a budget, opt for a taste of it by renting a dream car and then hitting the road for a quick little road trip. Pick somewhere scenic where you can really get the most out of your rented whip.

4. Book A Private Brewery Or Distillery Tour

If you like your experiences to come with a healthy buzz, then get thee to your local brewery or distillery for a private tour.

5. Get Tickets To Stand Up Show Or Podcast Tour

Sometimes, what you need most is just to kick back and laugh for a few hours. Let all the worries go out the window and just giggle together. Check out local comedy venues to see which stand up comedians are going to be in your area. Also, more and more podcasts are hitting the road with live shows, so check to see if one of your or your partner's favorites are going to be in a town near you.

6. Book An Amazing Airbnb For The Weekend

Craving some luxurious private time? Book a house with all the amenities you crave. Look for (indoor or heated) swimming pools, spas, a chef's kitchen, or whatever it is that says luxury living and romance to the two of you.

7. Team Up To Take On An Escape Room

Do the two of you love puzzles or video games? Time to take that passion and your talents and put them to work IRL with an escape room. While they may seem trendy or cheesy, let me tell you from personal experience: They. Are. So. Much. Fun. Plus, they're a great way to bond and have a good, fun time with your boo.

8. Sign Up For An Indoor Rock Climbing Lesson

If some of your Netflix and chill time has been spent watching Ultimate Beast Master (same, no judgment here), then why not start your journey to becoming the champ yourself with an indoor rock climbing lesson for two?

9. Book A Tour Of A Local Oddity — Or Make Up Your Own Tour

There are websites dedicated to the unique and strange attractions all around us, like Atlas Obscura and Roadside America. Visit somewhere that blows your mind that it even exists, or create a little driving tour of a handful of bizarre locales nearby.

10. Make Reservations For A Chef’s Table Dining Experience

Are either (or both) of you a bit of a foodie? Go for the ultimate dining experience by booking the chef's table at a local fine-dining restaurant. Both your partner and your palate will be thrilled.

So which — or how many — of these did you choose? Life is short, so pack in all the adventure you can with the person you care about most by your side.

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