Birth stone rings from Local Eclectic.
These 10 “Engagement” Rings Are The Perfect Gifts To Yourself

If you feel like you see a new marriage proposal on your Instagram feed every day, you're not alone. Young adulthood and engagements tend to go pretty hand-in-hand. And even if the single life is treating you well, watching what feels like everyone you know find the person they want to marry can feel a bit lonely for some people, no matter how much you love your life. That's normal. One way to celebrate yourself and remember you're a major catch is to splurge on an "engagement" ring for yourself, so you'll always know you don't need anyone but your bad self to live a happy, fulfilled life.

Treating yourself to something nice can be a satisfying form of self-care, especially when it has a symbolic significance. And it's hard to think of an item that can symbolize love and commitment more than an engagement ring. Instead of waiting around for someone else to splurge on one for you, why not celebrate the relationship you have with yourself? After all, no matter how much your future partner(s) love and appreciate you, cultivating those same feelings for yourself is just as important. Here are some beautiful rings for every budget that will definitely make you smile.

Corona Borealis Ring With Rainbow Moonstone

This rainbow moonstone sparkler is surrounded by cubic zirconia stones on a sterling silver, gold-plated band. Funkier than a traditional engagement ring, this guy is just classic enough that it looks elegant put still packs a punch.

Pearl Buffet Ring

If the idea of a delicate ring made of natural keshi pearls sounds like a dream, then this beauty is right up your alley. So dainty and cute, try layering this ring with delicate gold bands.

Opal Wandering Star Ring

Available in 14-karat white, yellow, or rose gold, with 10 diamonds and an Australian opal in the center, there's no denying this piece of fine jewelry is totally stunning. The price tag is pretty steep, but if you see yourself wearing this baby for the rest of your life... hey, it wouldn't be the worst idea.

Seven Wonders Ring

If statement rings are more your style, this handmade piece featuring a genuine moonstone surrounded by turquoise accent stones definitely won't disappoint.

Dainty Princess Birthstone Ring

Since there are no rules when it comes to treating yourself like royalty, why not go with something that has your birthstone on it for an extra-personal touch? These delicate bands will stand out no matter how you wear them.

Ariane Amethyst & White Topaz Band

The unique shape of this topaz and amethyst ring makes it looks like an heirloom that's been in the family for generations. Plus, the subdued colors mean it'll go with any cute 'fit.

Heavenly Magic Ring

"By the Love that moves the sun and the other stars," is the last line of Dante's Divine Comedy, and the poetic words engraved into this solid 14-karat gold band.

Diamond Beaded Ring

If diamonds make your heart sing, this simple ring crowned with an ethically sourced diamond is a wearable piece for every occasion.

Pink Sapphire Flower Crown Ring
Square Sparkle Open Ring

This 14-karat, rose-gold plated open band with cubic zirconia stones on each end will make a gorgeous statement on your ring finger.

Buying yourself a piece of jewelry can help reaffirm your commitment to yourself by reminding you that in the end, your love for yourself is more important than anything else. Whether you decide to splurge on something bougie or go for an equally beautiful ring at a lower price point, treating yourself is never a bad idea.