11 Engagement Rings Just Like Sophie Turner's But Way Cheaper

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Ah, to live a life like Sophie Turner. Not only is she mega-talented, funny, and successful, but she also just had the dreamiest wedding to Joe Jonas in the south of France on June 29. And not to mention, she has a gorgeous pear-shaped diamond ring that she’s been sporting since the couple got engaged in November 2017. While not everyone can have engagement rings like Sophie Turner’s, there are options that look just as extravagant without the hefty price tag. If you’re hoping to copy her look, you can do so without necessarily breaking the bank.

Turner’s ring, which she first posted on Instagram to announce her engagement, is a split shank style, with two separate pavé-encrusted bands framing one pear-shaped center stone. which is pear-shaped. After her wedding, she added one more diamond-encrusted band below the ring. The designer and the exact cost are still unknown, but experts have estimated that her engagement ring's stone is at least two carats, meaning it would cost $20,000 at the very least (but could be worth as much as $50,000). And while that price tag may work when you’re a superstar marrying another Hollywood icon, it’s a bit much for all the regular Joes out there.

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If you’re dreaming of a ring like Turner’s, don’t fret — I’ve compiled a list of similar options that TBH, are just as sparkly and eye-catching. And the best part? They’re all under $1,000, and some are much less.

Split Shank Ring With Swarovski Zirconia

This stunner, which features a split band and pear-shaped rock just like Turner’s, is made with Swarovski zirconia, which gives you the same opulent look for a fraction of the price of a large diamond. Both bands are accented with smaller zirconia stones around the front.

White Sapphire Split Shank Ring

This ring has a slightly smaller stone, with one band on top and one that hits right at the center of the rock. It’s made with white sapphire stones and a sterling silver band — and it’s currently on sale! If you prefer a stone that’s set slightly differently than Turner’s is, this ring is a great (and affordable) option.

White Cubic Zirconia Pear Engagement Ring

Cubic zirconia shines once again in this luxe ring, which features one double band encrusted with stones. The center stone is also surrounded by tiny zirconia stones. For anyone who wants a show-stopping look, this ring is perfect — it has so many stones on the front that it’s basically blinding.

Simulated Diamond Engagement Ring

The reason behind this ring’s super-affordable price? It’s made with simulated diamonds, which are a great option for people who want to avoid buying diamonds mined in an exploitative manner. It’s conflict-free and also huge, with a carat total weight (ctw) of 2.7.

Radiant Teardrop Sterling Silver Ring

If you love the pear-shaped stone, but prefer a single band, this cubic zirconia Pandora ring is lovely. The center stone stands out with just one thin band around it, and you can also special order different sizes or other customizations at your local Jared jewelry store.

Moissanite Pear Cut Ring

Moissanite is a rare mineral that contains many similar properties to diamond, and it looks almost exactly the same. It has a higher refractive index, which means it’s actually more sparkly than a traditional diamond. This ring is available with a moissanite center stone, or a simulated diamond if you prefer a more affordable option (at $309.60 - $350.10).

Rose Gold Morganite Ring with Infinity Bands

Want a bit more color in your ring? This one features a peach morganite stone with a natural diamond halo, and you can choose a band made of rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold. (IMO, the rose gold band with the peach stone is gorgeous.) Instead of standing alone on either side of the stone, the two bands interweave with one another in an infinity style.

Pear Shaped Wedding Ring Set

This cubic zirconia-based ring can be bought with one single band or two, and the two separate rings can be used as an engagement ring and wedding ring, if you prefer. The wedding band is designed to fit perfectly along the edge of the pear-shaped stone. You can order this ring in white, rose, or yellow gold, or platinum for an additional $1,100.

Double Halo 3-Piece Engagement Ring Set

Like the previous ring, this one comes as a set — but with three separate bands this time. The two bands on the main ring aren’t split all the way around, but you can mimic that look by adding the two separate bands on either side. All in all, it’s an extravagant look, and the cubic zirconia stones sparkle on all three rings.

White Cubic Zirconia 1.5 CT Engagement Ring

This cubic zirconia beauty has a silhouette similar to Turner’s ring — one pear-shaped stone with a split band around it, plus one extra band along the top. It has a carat total weight of 1.5 and is made with sterling silver. Sport her look for only a fraction of the price… and still feel like a million bucks.

Even though not everyone can marry a Jonas brother, it’s totally possible to wear a ring that’s just as beautiful and luxe as Turner’s is. So while I wait patiently for more photos from their wedding, I can admire these rings that make me feel like I’m also joining the Jonas fam. A girl can dream, right?