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10 Foods From Disney Movies You Can Make For A Foodie's Dream Come True

Some Disney movies make you want to sing, and some make you want to cry happy tears. Then, there are times in a Disney movie when the food looks so delicious that it makes your stomach start to growl. While you can't chow down on the animated dishes, there are Disney movie food recipes out there that you can try at home.

Who didn't want to stuff their mouths with an entire plate of delicious beignets every time you saw Tiana from The Princess and the Frog serve them to people? Also, you know you want to try the grey stuff. You don't even need to ask the dishes for their opinion. From Remy's ratatouille to the Abominable Snowman's lemon snow cones, there are so many Disney dishes you want to try, and this list of 10 recipes is a great place start.

All that's left to do is host a Disney movie night with your friends. The perfect snack to serve is something straight from the film. That way, you can eat what you see and never have to dream of making your foodie wishes come true. They're already a reality, so the only thing left to do is start cooking and have the most magical time in your own kitchen.

Beignets From 'The Princess And The Frog'

Of course, a movie set in New Orleans needs to feature those infamous beignets. If you didn't finish watching The Princess and the Frog with a huge beignet craving, did you really watch the movie at all? Now you can create your very own perfectly powdered sugar-covered desserts while singing along to the entire movie soundtrack.

Congee From 'Mulan'

Mushu was a great sidekick who even made this adorable congee — aka, Chinese rice porridge — for Mulan on her first day of training. Complete with a bacon and eggs smiling face, you can make your own congee in the morning to start your day off right.

Ratatouille From 'Ratatouille'

You don't need Remy to help you make this ratatouille dish from Ratatouille. All you need is this easy to follow recipe. This is actually a confit byaldi recipe, which according to the video, is just a modern take on the traditional French dish.

Iced Rolls From 'Brave'

If you've watched Brave recently, you may have noticed those delicious sweet buns that Merida and her brothers love to eat. They're basically an iced roll, which you can make for yourself thanks to Rosanna Pansino's recipe.

Spinach Puffs From 'The Emperor's New Groove'

What can't Kronk from Disney's The Emperor's New Groove do? He can talk to squirrels, he's Yzma's trusty henchman, and, of course, he can make delicious food like these spinach puffs. These are so easy to make that you'll never have to worry about pulling the wrong lever.

Grey Stuff From 'Beauty And The Beast '

The "Be Our Guest" segment from Beauty and the Beast features a lot of delicious food, but the infamous grey stuff really takes the cake. What exactly is the grey stuff? Well, it's delicious and, according to this recipe, it's like an Oreo icing dessert.

Pancake Milkshake From 'Ralph Breaks The Internet'

If you remember the pancake milkshake game from Ralph Breaks the Internet, Disney Eats has got a treat for you. They've put together a recipe for you to enjoy your very own pancake milkshake. It's everything you could want in one sweet treat.

Gumbo From 'The Princess And The Frog'

While Tiana's beignets are perfect for anyone who has a sweet tooth, her gumbo is just right for those who want something savory. This recipe includes everything you love in the traditional New Orleans dish like okra, shrimp, and Cajun seasoning. It's so good that you might as well open your very own Tiana's Place for everyone to enjoy.

Cookies From 'Alice In Wonderland'

Alice got into a bit of trouble eating the cookies from Alice in Wonderland, but you won't have to worry about that with this sugar cookie recipe. Make these adorable cookies and decorate them with your besties for your Friday night Disney movie hang.

Yellow Snow Cones From 'Monsters, Inc.'

These lemon-flavored snow cones are inspired by the Abominable Snowman's treats in Monsters, Inc. These are so easy to make, and perfect for your summer pool party or outdoor barbecue.