Minimalist Sandals Go With Literally Everything, So Here Are 10 Cute Pairs Under $100

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While 2019 might be the year of camp, sometimes you just need to take your style back to the basics. If you've been craving some closet additions that are decidedly simple, consider investing in a pair of cute minimalist sandals. They pair excellently with literally everything, meaning picking out an outfit in the morning won't be a 30-minute affair, but they've still got enough going on to avoid the title of boring. And with plenty of ace options under $100 to choose from, they're a summer buy that won't break the bank either.

Whether you're into slip-ons or styles that tie around your ankle, there'll be a minimalist sandal you'll love. Small straps and lots of bare skin define the footwear trend, while neon shades and clever criss-crossing allow it to still pack a fun and unexpected punch. Wear the straightforward shoe to a fancy wedding or to a casual backyard barbecue — thanks to its easy nature, it effortlessly toes the line between elegant and everyday. I rounded up 10 pairs of minimalist sandals you'll want to wear all summer long below, so pick out your favorite pair and maybe schedule a pedicure appointment ASAP.

Feeling Fresh

I love the contrast between this sandal's black sole and white straps — it makes the style feel very modern and slick. Wrap the straps around your ankles however you see fit and enjoy your new favorite go-to shoe.

Let It Slide

As basic as they come! These black sandals are a breeze to slip into thanks to their toe and arch straps. If you live in New York City and go on frequent bodega runs, these are ideal to keep by your door.

Ballerina Feet

Channel your inner dancer with these bright red shoes, which feature long laces that wrap around your ankles and criss-crossing arch straps. They're a clever way to infuse your outfit with a subtle pop of color!

In The Nude

The most barely-there sandals there ever were.

Pretty In Pink

Think of this as the cool new way to rock flip flops. Featuring a bright bubblegum pink hue, patent finish, and cool toe loop, this style screams summer 2019.

Golden Girl

Another pair of lace up sandals, except these feature a metallic accent in the form of a gold toe loop. It makes them feel slightly fancier, so if you've got an extra special event coming up these might be perfect.

In The Loop

It takes a minute to understand how exactly these sandals should be worn, but once you see it (and how cool it looks!) you'll never want to go back to regular shoes again.

Easy Does It

Another pair you can slip into, with a slightly more complex design.

Electric Feel

Neon is another huge trend for summer 2019, so channel it in minimal form via these highlighter yellow sandals.

Good Braids

Everyone needs a go-to pair of brown sandals in their life and thanks to their braided straps, these are topping my list.