10 Clever Halloween Costumes For College Students Who Love A Good Dad Joke

by Julia Guerra

Halloween is right around the corner, and your squad’s had their costumes picked out for months now. They swear there’s no pressure, that there’s plenty of time to figure out your outfit, too, but let’s be real: You’re sitting pretty, front and center on the struggle bus right now, trying to come up with an ensemble that won’t break the bank (tuition isn’t cheap), but that also won’t be a total flop, either. If it’s any consolation, I promise there are clever Halloween 2018 costumes for college students out there. You just have to know where to look for props and how to pull the right pieces from your wardrobe. So put down the broomstick, and retire that years-old witch hat collecting dust in the back of your closet. Tapping into the wonderful wizarding world is a solid fallback, but you can do better, and I’m here to help.

Personally, senior year of college was the last time I actually bought a Halloween costume, and even then I was only purchasing scrappy props like fishnets, bunny ears, a collar, and cuffs. Yes, I was trying to be a sexy forest creature. No, I don’t want to talk about it.

The point is, you don’t have to shell out a bunch of cash to score an awesome costume worthy of a little campus buzz. Social media is going to be your top resource for last-minute inspiration, because more often than not, people on the internet are more creative than people IRL. I could lie and pretend I’m one of those people with all the artsy answers, but I live my life by Pinterest boards, so allow me to be your liaison.

Candy (W)Rapper
ebsentminded on Twitter

This costume will make me literally LOL every single time I see it. I know myself, and in college, I always kept a stash of candy in my desk for something sweet to munch on during rough study sessions. So if you have various candy wrappers lying around, buy a bottle of Krazy Glue and paste them on a plain t-shirt. Throw on a chunky chain, a pair of dark sunglasses, and a fitted cap, and you'll be the baddest (w)rapper on campus.

Netflix And Chill
Lexi Noel on YouTube

"Netflix and chill" is an iconic part of college culture, so why not goof on the phrase on Halloween? Lexi Noel's spin on the ~lewk~ is flawless, sporting a Netflix logo crop top, black skirt, and to top it all off, a pillow case decorated to look like a bag of ice. You could always carry around the real thing, but your hostess with the mostess most likely won't appreciate you dripping all over the floor at their party.

Fantasy Football
_dianake on Twitter

Halloween season is also football season, and if you're a fan, you'll probably take advantage of every and any opportunity to support your team. Once you have your jersey, the fantasy portion of your ensemble is pretty open-ended. You can go the princess fairy route like Twitter user @_dianake, or add a unicorn horn and some bright pastel leggings. Whatever your interpretation, it's bound to be a touchdown.

Ceiling Fan
ldfalconband on Twitter

OK, so you're not a football fan. But are you a ceiling fan? If this clever play on words isn't incredibly punny, I don't know what is. You don't even need to own a cheerleader's outfit to score this getup. A simple short, flowy skirt and plain cropped tank should do the trick. Scribble "ceiling" in sharpie, and you're good to go. Bonus points if you can scrounge up a pair of pom-poms.

Copy Cat
halloweenideaz on Twitter

I'm willing to bet you currently have a pair of cat ears tucked away, a remnant of Halloween costumes past. Dig 'em back up and channel your inner techie with this clever halloween costume. You don't have to know code to know this classic copy shortcut.

Sugar Mama
Good Housekeeping/Youtube

How sweet is this costume? You can literally wear your own clothes underneath, find a baby carrier or stroller at a secondhand store, and buy a bag of sugar, all under $50. You needed to restock on your favorite sweetener anyway, right?

Bieber Fever
Lexi Noel on YouTube

There are a ton of Justin Bieber Halloween costume tutorials floating around the internet, but as cool as your costume will already be impersonating the Biebs, there's one surefire way yours can be hotter than the rest. Borrow your mom's thermometer, and let it hang from the side of your mouth all evening long to really capture the true meaning of Bieber fever.

Also, make sure you go heavy on the blush along the apples of your cheeks for an authentic-looking flush.

Taco Belle
Sierra Schultzzie/Youtube

Ever since Emma Watson portrayed Belle in the 2017 rendition of Beauty and the Beast, I'm almost positive anyone who wasn't a Disney fan is one now, and if you already were, you're probably even more obsessed with the bookish princess than ever before (I know I am). This clever Halloween costume merges two of my faves: food, and Belle's blue and white number. Though, if you're feeling fancy, you could totally don a yellow ballgown to your own soiree.

Blessing In Disguise
patiencehopeaz on Twitter

Get it? Please excuse the fact that I am literally ROFL right now, but dad jokes are my favorite jokes, and clearly, Twitter user @PatienceHopeAZ agrees. All you really need to pull off this blessing in disguise pun is a pair of thick-rimmed faux glasses, a fuzzy mustache, and either a sign that says "blessing," or, if you're feeling crafty and have a few hours to spare, you could wear a t-shirt with "blessing" written in bold lettering. Genius? I think so.

Bee Yoncé
enoyes5246 on Twitter

Three kiddies later and the Queen still reigns. Show your allegiance to the Beyhive with this clever Halloween costume, and, if you're daring enough, grab a mic and karaoke All Hallows' Eve long.