10 Christmas Weddings That Truly Bring The Holiday Magic To Life

Weddings are the beginning to your happily ever after with your SO, which is why we all dream of our big day to be something straight out of a fairy tale. You want it to be an event you'll never forget, so the setting is everything. Winter weddings can be the most magical of all. I mean, when you're thinking of a backdrop for your nuptials, a winter wonderland sounds like a snowy dream come true, right? That's why Christmas wedding ideas are always top-notch.

The holidays are a perfect time for getting the entire family together, so bringing everyone close to witness your love bloom is like the perfect Christmas present. From the decorations to the dresses, and the cake to the bouquets, there are so many wedding essentials that can be put through a holiday filter to make it that much more special. It's like Santa himself came by and sprinkled a little magic on your wedding day.

If you're thinking of having a winter wedding, you should consider these 10 Christmas wedding ideas. It's not all red, green, and candy canes. You can have a classy winter wedding that will definitely have you and your fiancé dreaming of a white Christmas.

Decorate The Venue With Christmas Trees
upwalthambarns on Twitter

Of course, you need a Christmas tree at your wedding. It can be the main centerpiece at the end of the aisle where you and your fiancé stand, or you can have small ones decorated throughout the reception venue. Whichever route you decide on, a Christmas tree has to be invited to the party, as it is the symbol of the season.

Go To Town With The Tinsel
weddingmonkey on Twitter

When celebrating your big day, tinsel naturally has to make a glam appearance. This Tweet certainly has the right idea of providing your guests with tinsel to throw when you walk back down the aisle as husband and wife. You can also use it to decorate the tables. Whatever you use it for, you can't go wrong with some shiny tinsel thrown about.

Cozy Blankets For Your Guests Is Always A Good Idea
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Providing some cozy blankets is a super cute idea for your guests to keep warm during the ceremony. Write up a sign with a cute saying, letting everyone know to grab one for themselves. Tie each one with a pretty bow, and you're set.

This Snowy White Wedding Cake Is What Dreams Are Made Of
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A snowscape wedding cake is a great idea to turn that traditional dessert into something fitting for a winter wonderland-themed reception. You can use the icing to create a snowy look, or decorate it up with some sugary snowflakes. You can even add a pop of color with red berries and green holly leaves.

An Exquisite Winter Bouquet Will Make Jaws Drop
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A combination of white and red is perfect for your Christmas wedding bouquet. Roses feature the two staple colors of the Christmas season, and they're also super romantic. Surrounding some of the beautiful red roses with white flowers looks like they're covered in a blanket of snow.

Have Each Bridesmaid Wear A Faux Fur Shawl
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Having your bridesmaids wear faux fur shawls is a chic AF look. The white will look great against the winter background for all of your group photos. It will also look simply stunning with your dress, and faux fur pairs well with any elegant gown you choose for your bridesmaids — most especially the above sparkly ones.

A Velvet Tux Will Look Great On Your Prince Charming
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Velvet is everywhere nowadays. It's making a strong comeback in our closets, so a velvet tux is a great idea for your groom to rock. Black or blue is always a great choice, but you can also get a dark green velvet tux to match the red and green colors of Christmas.

A Hot Chocolate Bar Is Necessary, Of Course
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A hot chocolate bar sounds like a Christmas miracle. Your guests can get cozy with a nice cup of hot cocoa. Let them make it their own with peppermint sticks and marshmallows.

You can also spice things up for your guests who are 21 and over with some festive spirits like Bailey's or Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.

Candy Cane Centerpieces Are Oh-So-Sweet
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You can use candy canes in all of your decorating to add a Christmasy pop of color. Putting some candy canes in a vase with white flowers gives it a sophisticated holiday look. These silver glittery vases on Etsy will look great with some peppermint sticks in them for elegant centerpieces.

Deck The Halls With Christmas String Lights
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You can never have too many string lights at a Christmas wedding. It's just not possible. If you're looking to have a Christmas wedding next year, now is the perfect time to stock up on some string lights. You can use them for the venue, the table decorations, and even to add some extra light to the bouquets.