10 Best Holiday Gifts For Taylor Swift Fans That'll Make Every Swiftie's Day

The holidays are upon us, and if you're one of the many Americans who wait until the week of Christmas to buy gifts for your friend and family members, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of finally getting it done. However, if you’ve got a Swiftie in your life, you can actually rest easy. No need to leave your house and face droves of last-minute holiday shoppers. This list of the 10 best holiday gifts for Taylor Swift fans will keep you out of the chaotic hustle and bustle of holiday shoppers, and, of course, help you make the Swiftie in your life very happy, because that's the true reason for the season.

Chances are the special Swiftie in your life already has most — if not all — of Swift's music catalog, so an album is kind of out of the question. Tickets to any Swift event is obviously appreciated, but if that's a little above your pay grade, there are plenty of other cute and creative gifts to turn your lover, friend, or family member's Christmas into the ultimate Swiftmas.

Rest assured, whatever item you choose from this list, be it Lover-inspired hair accessories or even Swift bedding, you'll be sure to put a huge smile on your Swiftie bestie's face.

1. Ugly Swiftmas Sweater

This Swiftmas, keep your fave Swiftie warm with a not-so-ugly Christmas sweater.

2. Swiftie Mug

It's getting cold out and your BFF is going to need something to keep their cocoa warm while simultaneously living their Taylor Swift truth. This pastel-colored "I'm A Swiftie" mug should do the trick.

3. Iridescent Swiftie Cup

If the Swift fan in your life prefers cold drinks, this iridescent "Lover" tumbler cup is perfect.

4. Swiftie Necklace

If a cup isn't their jam, you can opt for a "Swiftie" necklace. This way they can sport their Swiftie pride wherever they go.

5. Swiftmas Coloring Book

If your Swiftie is the creative type, they can show off their artsy side with this Taylor Swift-inspired coloring book that totally meets them in the middle. It's almost like an ode to Swift's artsy diary entries in her special editions of Lover.

6. Taylor Swift Instant Film Camera

This instant film camera will develop your friend's photos on film with a print of Taylor Swift's signature on it. What more could a Swiftie want?

7. Taylor Swift Lover Bundle

If the Swiftie in your life doesn't have Swift's Lover album, gift them the ultimate Lover gift pack sold and shipped exclusively by Amazon (not Taylor Swift's official site). It includes a t-shirt, cap, pack of buttons, and the Lover CD.

8. "You Need To Calm Down" Welcome Mat

You know the saying "Roll out the welcome mat?" Well, this rug is the perfect outdoor greeting for your BFF who can't get enough of Swift's hit song.

9. Taylor Swift Bedding

Prepare your friend for their next sleepover with this amazing Taylor Swift bedding set. Imagine how much fun it'll be to jump on the bed while blasting "Shake It Off" during their next slumber party?! It's only $100 for a full-size quilt, full-size sheet, and two matching pillowcases.

10. Taylor Swift Hair Bow

Help the Swiftie in your life top off their day-to-day look with a Lover-inspired bow.

Operation Swiftmas is a go.